Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tonight is the night that we give away premium level tickets for the All Ireland hurling final, on Sunday. Tonight is the night that we will follow up the hundreds of comments about Clonakilty last night.

Much to the shock of some of the listeners the other night, the reasons for me taking a night off was to take the woman who puts up with me, out to dinner. Plain and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Chicken wings, prawns, burgers, noodles, pork etc.etc.etc.etc. Contrary to popular belief I do have a heart.............sometimes. Its been a mad busy few weeks, hence the lack of proper blog updates. My PPI radio award submissions are completed, so we'll see what happens. Third time lucky maybe.

My humblest apologies, as this is the last time, there will be a mundane and quite frankly rubbish blog update. It might well be worth checking back tomorrow though, for some video!!!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Another weekend rolls by and its 119 days to bloody Christmas! That probably explains why certain UK Supermarket chains have Xmas decorations up on the shelves. We've had a couple of people moaning to us about this, so it may well manifest into a topic!

Onto something else though! Thursday saw the latest JNLR figures come out, and 51% of radio listening done between 7pm & 12pm is done on RedFM, which means myself and Stevie are Number 1 at night. Basically 1 in 2 people are listening to Cork Talks Back, which is really, really, really, really fantastic!!!!

My Xbox 360 arrived in Germany early Friday morning for repair, and was back in a UPS van early that same evening. It remains to be seen if the thing will work, or just explode when its plugged in! With Madden 07, Saints Row and Dead Rising all out in the next 2 weeks, its an expensive month ahead.

After many months of waiting, my life is now complete again. I havent found the holy grail nor have I found the answer to the question, where is Paris Hiltons brain? I havent even found that fiver I lost down the back of the couch. The new season of American Chopper kicks off tonight, and all I can say is god help Sky if the Sky+ box comes back with a failed to record message!
Speaking of Sky, I had the misfortune to see Sky HD running on Friday night. Its misfortunate that I saw it running, because now its going to cost me money. Ive only recently dumped aload of Sky channels because we werent looking at them, and now the thought of getting High Def is really appealing. More channels, with a "look at the hairs in his nose" picture quality, that we'll never look at. Either way I was impressed!

Thats me lot for today, as soon as my PPI submissions have been finished, the blog shall return to the usual bitterness!!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

waxing 4
One listener was put through more pain and suffering than usual on last nights show. We took a break from the usual format for about 20 odd minutes as Daniel Long from Tele-Joyce cabs came in to get his legs waxed, in preperation for the Ladies Mini Marathon. As you can see from the videos down below, there was plenty of pain to be had. Obviously this kind of thing doesnt work as well on the radio, as it would on TV, but there were plenty of people feeling his pain. One poor soul was making a cup of coffee and ended up putting a tea bag into the cup, instead of sugar!!!!! Julie, the waxer was waxing at a waxtastic rate, but she had only done the entire right leg, and we had to pull the segment due to time contraints. For the next 40 minutes, Daniel was lying on the floor, near our kitchen, getting waxed. Hopefully no-one drops a sandwich there today! He also decided to get waxed up to his bikini line, and if truth be told there were times in that hot studio that we all saw things that only Daniels girlfriend had seen. The more I think about it, it looked like some bizarre fetish movie. All was needed was a Donkey and a few Gilette Mach 3's.

The lapdancing debate raged on last night, when we had a lapdancer, by the name of Mercedes on the phone. Cue the ride jokes! Im sure theres still alot more to come on the debate, but I would think no more shall be done for a few weeks. We have organised for a listener to go a lapdancing club, as she hasnt been there before, and is completely opposed to the whole idea of what the ladies do.

Other than all of the above and indeed whats down below, today is JNLR day. In a nutshell, radio ratings. So its a case of a P45 or "Well done, but your still not getting a raise" I should know more later on this afternoon. Given the last JNLR book was extremely good for Cork Talks Back, this should, technically be one to look forward to. Thats my lot for today!
Come get yer waxing action!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last night heard the world premiere of the trailer, Snakes on a Bus. I had the following email from the film company this morning!!!!

Dear Mr.Barry
Thank you for your promotion of Snakes on a Bus. We would like to point out, that this was a teaser trailer, and the full length advert for our forthcoming movie. As a matter of fact, we would also like to point out that, its not just the number 2 bus, but all buses in Cork, even the ones that venture to Crosshaven and Fountainstown. Over the next while, please expect a copy of the full length trailer, and some Snakes on a Bus promotional items!
Thanking you kindly
All @ Langdan Pictures

So there you have it. Something definitely worth looking forward to. In all sssssssssseriousnessssssssssssssssss (sorry) Snakes on a plane is well worth a look. Its the first Summer blockbuster (ok I know its one of the last of the summer season) that hasnt disappointed.

Over the last couple of nights, it has amazed me that teenagers are ending up in hospital on a regular basis just because they have a skateboard or a nirvana tshirt on. In particular the peace park seems to be the place to go, if you want a spin the back of an ambulance. For years, I never understood the Nirvana clad 14 year olds wandering around that area, and indeed the Paul Street area. I still dont to be honest, but if truth be told they seem to be doing no harm to anyone. Some of them even look like they could be living in the Webster household in Coronation Street. For some reason, quite possibly the dutch gold voices in their heads, the Celtic jersey wearing, skinheaded, I love me mam tatoo wearing fraternity seem to have taken it upon themselves to sort it out. Sort what out? If this crowd are so concerned about other teenagers wearing Nirvana t-shirts and balancing on skateboards, maybe they should arrive, tribe like, in the shops that sell the said items. A few choice words, provided by 4 cans of Dutch Gold would surely encourage shops to stop selling Nirvana shirts and skateboards, and replace them with Celtic Jerseys, head shavers and removable tatoos!

Monday, August 21, 2006

After porn, its what the internet was made for. Bitching and Sniping. I have turned off the comments mode for public viewing. Why? Well there was a fair bit of abuse being thrown around on the comments page, and people arguing back and forth. A blog isnt the place for it!!!!! So thats that then! I can still read the comments, but everyone else cant. If anyone wants to take issue with something, then drop a mail to

Comments pages on blogs are for leaving a comment on the said post, not starting a discussion.

In reference to one posting here last night, Eimear and Dave do a rockin job, and the CTB production team has never been better. As for Risteard coming back on a Sunday night special thing, that wont be happening either! Whats happened to the show on a Sunday night? Basically we used do Get if off your chest every night of the week. Simply put, we didnt have enough room for everyone, so we decided to move GIOYC to a Sunday night, to a resounding success! Given theres a huge buzz about the show at the moment, I agree maybe I and the show have lost its touch, because all we seem to be doing now is grabbing things by balls. And thats better for everyone, in particular the listener!

Normal blog service shall resume tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally a few moments to blog! Where do I begin, well my Xbox360 decided to die the other day, must say Im not impressed at all. Tried all the cures around the net, but none work. So Im without that, and if truth be told, Ill always squeeze in a round of something on it at least a few times a week. Im looking at 10 days at least for it to be fixed, but there may be another solution...we'll see what happens!!!!

Ive always been a motorsport fan and the whole mod car scene has always caught my eye. Its only recently I bought a decent car, and have the car buzz more than ever. Last Saturday, herself was gone off to Ennis and I had a whole day and night to scratch me arse. Through the wonderful people at A&E up the country, I swung 2 tickets and packed a buddy into the car and headed off for Slam 06, in Punchestown. Bar the AA route planner advising to exit at Junction 7 on the M7, which didnt exist, either that or Im blind all went well and I got to that famous racecourse after about 3 hours of driving! It was the first time I was at a show like this, so I dont know how good or bad it was, as I have nothing to compare it against! Whatever the case I really enjoyed it, plenty of good looking cars and the chance to rub myself off a Hummer and a few Ferrari's. The latest round of the ProDrift IRL was going on as well. I never saw drifting in my life, and I know there were an awful lot of listeners talking about it in the past. It totally blew me away, and I have to say Im now addicted. Roll on the next rounds!!! No scobes or their mobiles, a few half naked women and decent chips, what more could I have asked for!

Thats about my lot for now, Ive been extremely busy organising my entires for the PPI Radio awards, which is one of the main reasons Ive not been blogging away. Anyways, this is my stand in producer, Don

Update coming later on.....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Slam Expo 06

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I ended up at the Slam Expo in Punchestown yesterday. Really, really enjoyed the drifting and the day itself! Check the pics below and my photoblog for loads more!


Originally uploaded by vicbarry.


Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Simple Really!

There is little or no point in my going into a big long winded rant about last nights show. For anyone with half a brain, actually a quarter of a brain...hang on a duracell battery in your skull acting as a brain, you will know that condoms save lives and stop the risk of contracting a selection of STIS. Anybody that thinks different needs to be seen to by a group of men in white coats, driving a Ford Transit van.

Wearing Condoms = No dick falling off incidents or unwanted carpet crawlers.

Not Wearing Condoms = Dick exploding and lots of ankle biters.

As any of the condom makers will explain, no contraception is 100% fool proof, but as a text read last night, wearing a condom is like wearing a seatbelt! Its good practice!!!!! Im in no way qualified to lecture teenage listeners on the show, and Im no genuis, but for christs sake use a condom. Teenagers need to be armed up with the knowledge, and its the schools are falling flat on their big holes by not providing an adequate sex awareness class! And alot of parents cant seem to handle the fact of their kids might well be out doing the deed, with no knowledge. Then when they get pregnant, all hell breaks loose. Why, are the parents pissed at their daughter for getting up the duff, or pissed off that they were too shy to explain the ins and outs of sex and what a condom is for! Case closed, and I promised I wouldnt rant!

Anyway thats it for me, Im off to the SlamExpo tomorrow so check out the blog and the photo blog Sunday or late Saturday night for some pics!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bottle insertions and being on the other side of the ditch, all cropped up last night in a jammed pack show! I gotta say I was more thrashed than usual after getting off the air last night, twas pretty intense as a man once said somewhere in Skibereen.

I dont have a great deal of time on my hands at the moment, but the following is from todays Indo

A MAN who drank six litres of cider at a party went on to steal a goat and take it on a joyride, a court heard. Drunken Carl Anthony Myles took a shine to 11-month-old Snowy as he walked home from a party last month. Neath magistrates' court heard that, after leading the goat from a local smallholding, Myles put it in the back of a Volvo car belonging to a farmer Huw Leyshon who lived nearby. He was apprehended by Mr Leyshon after crashing his car into a tractor. Snowy died two days later.

With that, Im going to leave the blog update till tomorrow when my head is properly screwed on!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thats it now, well until the October bank holiday weekend anyways. Bank Holidays are great, the roads are jammed, the shops are packed and your better off staying inside waiting for it to end. Yesterday was no different. We decided to take a spin to Kinsale just after lunchtime, for the lack of something to do. We reached the turnoff for the old head (yes the one with all the signposts) and to my utter amazement the traffic was backed up this far. I was aware of a short cut into the town, so after a 6.7 turn and 15 minutes of driving through back roads, boreens and farm yards we ended up in the middle of a parade of cars in Kinsale. Well, that was my inital thought, but it was traffic. This time the traffic was backed up all over and in all my wisdom I decided to do another 6.7 turn, only this time it was between 2 parked cars on either side of the road and it turned out to be a 17.3 point turn. The 3 bikers that were behind me werent that impressed with my turning ability and kept scowling. I had a good mind to drive over them, but as the car is relatively new, I didnt want to incur the cost of a repair job. Innishannon went whizzing by, as did Ballinadee. After 3 hours and the most long winded journey we ended up in Clonakilty and drove around the town and headed for home. Wonderful. It was only late last night that I discovered that there was a regatta in Kinsale. It might be an idea in future, for any towns that are having a regatte, to have a big billboard, or even a sign on the outskirts of the town. Nohing to complicated, just something that reads "If you want to come into the town, please abandon your car in an orderly fashion and walk"

Saturday morning I decided to have a deli cooked breakfast, but by the time I got out of bed, it was a lunch I ended up having. Now Im a liberal guy at the best of times, but the sight of a scantily clad couple "being in love" at the deli counter was almost enough for me to offer the back seat of the car. She was dressed in a short shorts, which was about a full dinner away from the toe of the camel, and a skimpy top. Nothing wrong there I hear you say. He was dressed in the ankle shorts and those marvellous sleeveless t-shirts that read Diadora or something. His Celtic tatoo was in full display as was his was "designer stubble" that he must have been growing since 1995. The hugging, the arse grabbing and the full on squeezing started as they approached the counter. He decided to order the aphrodisiac roll, which consisted of eggs, mayo, egg mayonaise and onions. Lovely, that'll set the mood all right. She just ordered an onion or something, obviously afraid that her man might trade her up if she got anything resembling a normal lunch. Well with the stubble thats being growing for 11 years, I couldnt blame her. Not long after this deli love fest they left to go home, or go behind a bush. He probably gorged himself on his egg and onion mush roll, while she watched with hungry eyes, after eating her onion. I would think not long after that, they had sex, which would have been quite memorable. What with her stomach roaring from hunger and his egg and onion combo breath! Theres a time and place for all the above carry on, but for christs sake if your going to try and get it on in a deli, at least take off your clothes......and keep off the bread rolls!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Snatch visit Cork Talks Back II

Snatch visit Cork Talks Back


Last night, as a way to wind down to the bank holiday weekend, The Snatch comedy improv paid a visit to the studio in the 11 hour. It was something different for Cork Talks Back and a nice way to start off the long weekend! What follows are a few vids and pics. Enjoy! Dont forget we ARE on the air Bank Holiday Sunday witha Get it Off Your Chest Sunday!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

MTV was re-christened Mainstream TV last night by some of the listeners. And quite rightly so too. Ive been an MTV fan from as far back as I can remember, while sometimes thats as good as a week, Ive grown up with it. We never had MTV in the house when I was younger, due to the oul Southcoast crowd not broadcasting it. There was always light at the end of the tunnel though. When I made it to secondary school, I made friends with a few lads from Douglas / Rochestown. They were so better off than me that they had cable, or Multi Channel as it was back then. That meant one thing, MTV. It was MTV that Im sure showed me scantily clad, gyrating women. For that I am indebted to them. But lads almighty, what has gone wrong in the last couple of years. Theres no more bloody music videos on MTV, if you want that you have to go to one of the other MTV music channels. Maybe its the principal of the thing, that if you turn on a channel known as Music Television, you'd expect music videos. The last thing one expects is some spoilt rotten little 15 year old, B$%ch roaring the Mansion down because daddy wont let her have a herd of elephants piloted by chimpanzees dressed in 3 piece suits, playing guitars.

I applaud the parents on this show, who dont give in to their little darlings mad demands. The ones who give in though, and provide the elephants and chimps with guitars should be taken into the middle of some jungle to live with a tribe of chimpanzees. Im sure the chimps will provide a banjo at the least. Meanwhile the little miss, will soon be evicted because the mortgage wont be paid, the phone will be cut off as will everything else. Then with nowhere to go, she'll wander off around the place and thankfully disappear into oblivion. My super sweet disappearing act!!!!

Anyways, thats my lot for today, meetings and other things are on the agenda from 5. Check out the show later on for the usual madness and bedlam AND something different to boot. The Snatch improv comedy troupe will be in the studio, looking for a script of sorts and direction from YOU!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No blog update this one! Nothing to see, move along...........Do come back tomorrow though!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last night saw our Ride For Life campaign being put on the back burner. I am confident that we dont need to be encouraging the Cork public to be concieving in the car park any more. I believe they have got the message, and the City is well on the way to coming level at the least, with the population of the county. Im not asking for any medals or anything, Im just glad we were able to help. Roll on the next Census.

The Feed Nicole Richie campaign kicked off officially this morning, as Im sure you can see with the official posters below this text. Years ago when I was younger, ok many moons ago, my mother always thought me an important message. She said that I should never inquire to friends, as to what they had for dinner. She concluded by saying it was rude. So for the last 30 years I have never once asked anyone what they ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I concede that I did ask Dave Mac on occasion what he consumed, but this was for show purposes. Today, for the first time, I asked myself "What does Nicole Richie eat for dinner?" After much deliberating and even soul searching I came up with an answer. I know most of you are saying she doesnt eat anything and you are all WRONG. Nicole Richie does eat, and like most of us, she eats the wrong things. How Ms. Richie can sit down to a big plate full of air, and think its healthy is beyond me. Yes folks, she eats. While it may be air, of varying degrees, she does eat. With my Feed Nicole Richie campaign, my aim is to ensure she eats normal food. Junk food or otherwise. Hopefully all the donations will provide Nicole with a quarter pounder with cheese as opposed to her daily canister of compressed air. The benefits of being so thin are far and few between. Ive never been at a party with Nicole Richie in attendance, but I wouldnt mind attending one in the future. Id imagine she'd be impossible to get close to due to her plethora of party tricks. Party goers would be queing up to open their bottles of beer off her hip bones. When that got boring, Nicole would bend down and revlers would simply open their beer off her shoulder blades. My FNR campaign may or may not work. Chances are it wont, but if the Goal or Trocaire people are reading this, why not drop off a box of that plumpy nut mush to Beverley Hills. The even more ironic thing is that, Nicole is American and its the first time Ive heard of a hungry yank.

Besides the posters, the FNR campaign has also an official wallpaper for your desktop. Simply click on the image, Save As and set it as your wallpaper!

FNR Campaign Kicks Off

Make sure to click the images to enlarge!