Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Post Number 99

Believe it or not this is my 99th entry into this blog. Amazing. Who knows what will happen for post 100. More than likely nothing!

Another night of the windows open and a fan on for 12 hours. Feckin nightmare altogether. I cant stand it anymore come 8am and decide to get up and hit the couch downstairs. Thats not much better as herselfs mobile alarm goes off and wakes me up. Fuck it says I, and up I get. I wander outside to the car and get my diary and head back upstairs and start writing for the show. Hours later a McLunch hits the spot and here I am. A shower is calling me and who knows what else.

Good funny reaction to our piece of audio that was "recorded" from the munster champions team bus on Sunday. I might lash it out again a little later on if I get a chance.

Im looking around the room here and the place is like a dump. Pads, books and clothes everywhere. God I wish I were outside. If we have another good ratings book, Ill buy a laptop so I can write outside. Granted thats in August and no doubt the weather will be shit then.

I do apologise, but Im leaving now. I gave my keyboard a thump the other day and the space bar isnt working as well as it should (the bastard is tempting me to thump it again) and its too hot.

And I need a shower. Ive just spotted a voucher for Virgin, I need to spend that too, not before I hit the showers though. I hope no one throws their soap in front of me and asks to pick it up.............................................