Thursday, June 19, 2008

The one with the coolest movie clip you'll see all day

Compliments of Empire

Those of you who have read the comic book, Wanted, should be well familiar with this scene. Although how faithful the movie is to the Mark Millar masterpiece, remains to be scene

The one with no nudity...maybe

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Theres been a huge spike in numbers visiting the blog in the last few days, alot to which I suspect has something to do with the word nudity in the titles.
Is this what the web has come to, people trawling for pictures of naked people???? Next; people will be meandering around cyberspace looking for videos of naked people interfering with each other. Maybe there's money in that kinda thing!

I had a few emails this morning calling me a snob. Me, a snob? Come on for f£$k sake!!!! Just because my idea of a decent holiday isnt 2 weeks in Santa bloody Ponsa. People running around in football jerseys and puking their guts out, is my idea of absolute and utter hell. You get out of Cork, to get away from Cork. But by all accounts going to somewhere like SP is the equivilent of going to any Cork suburb. Then theres the lack of inhibitions as you know nobody there, as some listeners said last night. So, you mean you'll take it doggy style over there, but not here? That doesnt make sense, considering the high potential you'll end up bedding a fellow Corkonian. Christ Im bitter!!!

Maybe If I was single in the morning, I'd be over there with my suitcase of condoms, shackles and a Celtic jersey. I was in Spain once though. I was nearly dragged there under tranquilizer. We got a villa from a friend at the time. None of the uncovered crew were about and it was fine, albeit bloody hot. Then New York last year, felt like being inside a Nuclear explosion when it came to heat and humidity. And even being in a little spot outside Alicante, I couldnt rest. We had rented a car for the 10 days and ended up driving all over the place. 3 hours to Benidorm. I just couldnt rest.

I suppose I have a form of AHD. So as you can imagine, New York was bonkers being with me. Up at the crack of dawn and to bed just before it, for over a week. As the Gabby Cabby told me, we saw more of New York than your average New Yorker will see in a lifetime.

At the end of the day, yer holiers are what you make em. But some of them style holiers, arent for me. Not even if I was paid to go......well depends on how much and what the payment method was.

And contrary to what my producer implied last night, I am absolutely amazing to live with. No room for modesty here!

Have a nice day!