Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The one with the Olympics

All last week, without fail, the Olympics have been on. I'm a fan of few sports, but I've kinda got caught up in the lim-pics! I posed a question last night, to which some people got a little bit upset. Simply put, "Why did we bother sending any Irish athletes, when the majority of them are coming in last?" I know theres been a few exceptions, with one of our boxers guaranteed a bronze now, but Its made me wonder none the less. Its like we sent out a group of car mechanics to fix the engine on a Boeing 747. None of them will be able to fix the engine, but they may make it tick over.

Maybe its a bit rich for me to be harping on about Irish athletes and how shite most of their performances have been, given that the most athletic thing I do is practising baby making or typing up this blog. And if you do end up in the Olympics, be careful. This poor unfortunate weightlifter didn't have the best Olympics. If hes a single guy, it could proove very frustrating!!!

Much thanks goes out to all the Welcome back texts that came in last night, and in particular a special thanks goes to John O D, who sent us in a welcome back chocolate cake. It was good to be back, but my voice didnt hold up too well at all. Half way through the show, I was drinking water, like a fish out of it. Hoarsethroats.com

Dont forget another Munster family pass tonight and tickets for Lovebox tonight and all the usual! Blog slowly ramping up to normality again!