Monday, May 24, 2010


This weeks Movie Bit podcast is now available to download. Reviews include Prince of Persia and Cop Out. Vic whinges about SATC 2 and plenty more! Grab it here.



Well after a few days off I went back to the stone that grinds last night. Firstly, cheers all for the birthday greetings, much appreciated.

The week off, well 3 days to be precise, flew. Unfortunately, the flight wasn’t prolonged by any Ash clouds or what not. So now, I’m moaning about how I didn’t do anything and couldn’t switch off. But isn’t that what holidays are all about. Moaning. Ok maybe not…. That said though, I did build a crib, cut the grass and erect a Gazebo. In hindsight, maybe I was to harsh with my earlier comments.

On the Gazebo front, it’s one of these pop up yokes, which it does pop up, but not without a small army to help out with the popping. In further Gazebo news, it will rain this week. God forbid the tradition, of me purchasing anything for the garden and then it rains for the rest of the year, would be broken. So when you see rain later today, or tomorrow or whatnot, it’s my fault.

I did manage to stare at a few movies over the holidays, along the lines of Eastern Promises, Man on Wire and Valhalla Rising to name but 3. Valhalla Rising is great if you like looking at mists. The whole bloody movie is surrounded in a constant mist, in between the occasional neck break and blood oozing.

As for not switching off, I can attrib that to a number of things, none which really make any sense, so I won’t bother. I’m one of these freaks that isn’t entirely comfortable doing absolutely nothing, hence I was losing my mind during the week. But now I’m back to doing stuff again, and I’m not happy either. By tomorrow or the next day, I expect to be back to my full workaholic self, which I know in some way is a big, epic fail!