Thursday, June 18, 2009

The one with Cork Rock

Have a read off this and then go off and vote!!!

The history of Cork rock music is soon to be revealed for the first time with the release of Cork Rock, a comprehensive account of the artists, musicians and culture that has contributed to this long-lasting Leeside phenomenon.

Journalist and author Mark McAvoy explores the roots of the Cork rock movement from the late 1950s up to the present day. With exclusive photos and interviews with leading performers, managers, DJs and promoters, this book is essential reading for all true music fans.

The fascinating stories behind many of the big names in Cork rock music have yet to be told and this revealing new book uncovers  the rise of the unrivalled talent that was Rory Gallagher, the talent and influence of Finbarr Donnelly, the uncompromising nature of Cathal Coughlan and Microdisney through to more recent acts such as Bishopstown’s finest The Frank And Walters and the irrepressible Sultans of Ping.

To celebrate the publication of Cork Rock, music fans are being asked to select a cover, which they think best represents the history of rock in Cork. Three possible covers have been designed that showcase various Cork acts including Rory Gallagher, Five Go Down To The Sea?, Simple Kid and The Sultans of Ping.

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The one with Gameness

Gameness - Every Thursday on

Right, decided to add a bit more structure to the blog, so from now on, each Thursday (in theory anyway) will feature some video gaming news and the likes!

Ghostbusters is out tomorrow on PS3. From what I read around the web, the Xbox 360 version is better. So you will have to wait till bloody October for that one!

Reviews have been 7 and 8’s out of ten and by all accounts it looks better than it moves!


Pain (from the Playstation Network) is being released next week on Blu-Ray, all the levels etc.etc.etc. Well worth a nose, great fun, even for wives to be be!


Not sure how the COD fans will feel about forking out more money when it comes to this…Future Call of Duty games could come with an MMO-style subscription service, granting subscribers extra options and early access to map packs.
That's according to a mysterious Activision survey doing the rounds on Destructoid, which mentions a CoD service that would "enhance the multiplayer experience and provide exclusive access to a group of gameplay enhancements."
These "enhancements" would include early access to expansions and betas, exclusive character skins, game modes, enhanced stat tracking and "support for competitive play."


heavy-rainLots of people, myself included are drooling at Heavy Rain on the PS3. Well, as people know, its delayed and according to the developer, it still needs lots of work. We're still at the alpha stage and there's a whole lot of work to be done," said Quantic Dream's David Cage. "There's so much fine-tuning in the game left to do. Everything has to be perfect. If there's one thing wrong in a scene, it's the only thing you'll see. There are many things that don't work right now. We need to have everything in place, from facial animations, to score to work out the final result." Early 2010 by all accounts!
Hands up who remembers the amazing choplifter???? Well, earlier this week, inXile Entertainment filed a trademark for the title "Choplifter" in relation to a video game. We can live in hope!!!

This is what NBA Live 10 looks like! First screen compliments of EA

Microsoft bigwig Shane Kim has stated that the release of Project Natal will be "the launch of Xbox 360", and that no new console hardware will be involved."Absolutely. It will be that big," he told Gamasutra. "Now, the good news is that it's not a new hardware architecture; we're not forcing customers to have to go buy a new console because it will work with every existing Xbox 360 out there.


vicbarry is my Xbox Live Gamertag and PSN user name if your playing online

The one with a ?

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