Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The one with complimentary "losing the consumption challenge round 2" pic

Had a wonderful day in the CUMH, holding the absolutely gorgeous nephew, Caelum. Will get more of an update tomorrow.

In a completely unrelated note, my recent victory, in the Victor Barry Competitive Consumption Challenge was a hard fought one. This is the cracker round where I lost! As you can see, struggling is an understatement!

The one where Im an Uncle

Got the text last night around 11.30 that I was an Uncle. Gers sister and her husband had a bouncing baby boy last night at 10.35pm. Exciting times. Guess Im gonna have to buy "The Idiots guide to being an Uncle".

Its hard to put it all into words, I was even lost for the proverbials last night making the announcement on air. A sudden rush of excitement to the head.  But Im absoultely, positively thrilled. And cant wait to see the new born later on! Excited.com!!!!!!!! Roll on the baby sitting!!!!!!!!!!!