Friday, November 12, 2004

Finally crawled out of bed. Does anyone ever notice the longer you stay in bed the shittier you feel. All I know now is I have to bring the washing in off the line and settle down in front of Halo 2. Eircom people have rung saying my broadband is being processed so after 7 years of dial up Im finally going to have a decent connection.

Im starting to think about Xmas stuff already, but take alook at Gotta love that turkey and gravy flavour. I might check back later.
Its amazing the trends in the internet. Im not sure how long this whole blog thing has been around, but I seems to be all the craze recently. My attention was first drawn to blogging by me ol mucker Des Bishop.

So its nearly 15 minutes to 3 in the morning, you'd think Id have far better things to be doing. Like what you say, maybe watching the Cosby show on Paramount. In between furious flicking between the babecast things of this world. If I was still living with my parents, no doubt me good ol mother would be roaring at me to go to bed. Well since Ive moved into the new house things have been I finally got my dream of a dedicated Cinema in my house, my american style fridge freezer and an office. In fairness, my partner has alot to put up with.

I enjoyed the show tonight, in particular ringing some BBQ joint in Alabama and using Cork Slang to communicate. Needless to say the alabamians thought it was some fella speaking Spanish. As most of the older folks would say "Ahh sure God Love em"

On my old site I used to update the Late N' Live Top 5. From now on in you can get that here.

Late N Live Top 5 signs your partner is having an affair on the computer (11/11/04)

5 – Lipstick on the mouse

4 – The thing that’s stuck in your printer is a pair of boxer shorts

3 – You stick to the keyboard

2 – Monitor is fogged up every morning

1 – More pop ups than usual

Theres a copy of Halo 2 sitting in my Xbox since this afternoon. Honestly, Im not too impressed. I might put in a good session of it tomorrow. Finding Neverland is also calling me to go to the flicks. Ive a tough life. Ahhhhhh sure God love ya

Number 3

Its definitely still working. Its after taking a bit of fiddling to get it incorporated into my own page and thats whats with all the stupid posts.

2nd Blog

Right, its still working. I better do something of use with this thing.

1st Blog

It works.