Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Monday and all is well!!!!

As promised, heres part I of the Virtual Tour of RedFM

Main Desk

Main Touch Screen with all my bits on itPC that grabs all the texts

Part II coming later in the week!

So another Easter is done and dusted, and Easter monday is half over! We went up to friends for dinner on Friday night! Saturday was spent half recovering and wandering around town! Sunday I was out in the station, starting to backup lots of CTB audio plus I dropped off an Easter Egg to me Mammy and stayed for a legendary Sunday lunch! I was in a chipper last night (Yes I know, more healthy eating) and a group of young lads kept going "How many Easter eggs did you get biy" "Fuckin none biy, the oul wan got me DVDs instead" came the reply! There were a few Easter eggs in the house allright, and theres one left to consume! Im not a big fan of chocolate, but it'll have to be eaten!

Got to see a few movies as well! V for Vendetta and Lord of War. Ok its two, not a few!!!! Both very good shows! I was well surprised with V for Vendetta, as I didnt think it would be my cup of tea at all. Im sure all the hard core republicans will enjoy it as well for the "fireworks" at the end!

I picked up a new game for the Xbox 360 over the weekend as well! Elder Scrolls IV:Obilvion! Gone are the days when an adventure game consisted of text and one or 2 static graphics! Here la, heres a screenshot of now and then!

Then and now. Im sure you can figure out which is which! Either way, Oblivion is a huge, beautiful and savage game! And you can ride a horse in it!!!!

Thats all for now kids. Back on the air tomorrow night from 9pm!