Friday, June 18, 2010


Lot an abandoned Pit Viper, the blog is back in action today! As it’s Friday, nobody gives a shit really so I’ll bring the funny. In other words, this is one of them lazy ass post’s with youtube videos.

But it’s a big weekend ahead. In a couple of hours, we collect our buggy for the bambino who will be saying hello to the world in 3 weeks and I spent the latter half of last night driving around and eating Hillibillies with my old colleague Charlie Wolf. So plenty to bang on about, but I’ll keep it till Monday. Oh, as for the email asking any more news on the rattled politicians? No, no more news. The left quite quickly last night!

So here comes the funny…I hope..


So that’s it, 3 bits of shit! But anyway, have a good weekend. Brian Deady on the Late Night Interview Sunday night and a shit load of movies being reviewed the Movie Bit. Some shit, some not so shit!