Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pyramid Schemes, Hookers, Drugs and some nice giveaways amongst other things from 9pm this evening!

The drool is still running down my chin. A Ford dealer in Tallaght, Dublin had a Ford GT for sale. Its been bought, according to the Irish Indo! Its on display for the week up there, and part of me is nearly daft enough to drive up and take a few pics! Ok, it ates the petrol like no tomorrow and you'd probably have to keep it locked up in a fort knox style complex. As I mentioned in an email to Eddie Cunningham in the Indo, Id saw off me legs and use planks of wood to use the accelerator, brake and clutch, just to get a spin off that GT.

Celebs are putting their names to everything these days, and it works, according to the callers last night. Niall Quinn is advertising some property development. Would you buy a gaf because Niall is advertising it? Exactly. None of the celebs give a shite about what they endorse. Its a big pay day. Im sure that Britney and the rest of em are still drinking their life time supply of Pepsi! They've even taken it to another level over the last few years. Any female celeb worth their salt (cough cough) has brought out a perfume. Take Britney for example. Has anyone seen her lately. Track suit bottoms hanging off her hole, baby in one arm, fag in another, driving an SUV with her knees and so on. Who wants to smell like that? Eau de Baby vomit. Lovely! Granted, some of the celeb endorsements are quite funny, particuarly the superbowl ads that happen once a year. The American Express ones with De Niro and the likes are really classy.
Do I think they work? Im the biggest clown for buying celebrity endorsed stuff. Jamie Olivers flava shaka thing. Bought it. Used it to smash up M&Ms. Good one! I have a fair share of Orange County Choppers stuff, given Im a big fan of American Chopper. Even yesterday, as I mentioned on the show last night, I was checking out FDNY t-shirts. Ok the money goes to a good cause, the tees are cool, but its Denis Learys show, Rescue Me that spurned me on to looking for this stuff! So yes, it does work! Some celebs have missed the boat though. There was a huge oppurtunity a few years back for Mick Lally to endorse some Glenroe wellys. Now theres a product! As a matter of fact I just (cough cough cough) "found" this ad. So they did exist!!
Brown Thomas Bombshell giveaway continues tonight as does our exclusive screening of Inside Man, which Ill be announcing (or roaring more likely) and throwing stuff at people. Check out the cork talks back page later on for some info on whats coming up on the show. If I get time, Ill update it on here too!
Its late, as a matter of fact Id imagine the Rooster crew are even contemplating getting up. Im still up, got home about an hour and a bit ago. Watched American Chopper and started trawling through a few mails! Lots of folks reading the blog lately, so nice wan for that. Keep dropping by. From here on in, the Top 5 will be back on here every day. Occasionally they'll be a liner or 2 that I write that may or may not be featured on the show!

Late ‘N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from someone making your breast in a bun (130306)

5 – My hands? Oh yeah, washed em last month

4 – Listen you’d never gimme the ass of it wud ya, Im starvin’

3 – You want it in a box? 10 euros please

2 – No sir, that’s not lettuce, it’s the cheese

1 – Hey We need some more mayo over here, lube it up!

BRITISH tourists maimed in terrorist attacks abroad have been refused Government compensation — and advised to sue OSAMA BIN LADEN. Not a bad idea, can you imagine the carry on in court. “Yes your honor, that’s the guy......with the dialysis machine”