Friday, September 02, 2005

We have recieved a few emails about the lack of updates, so we feel its our duty to come on here and address these emails.

John from Ballincollig wrote:
Cmere to me like, Im sick to shit of coming on here everyday and nothing from yer man on the talk show. I like the show and in particular I like this blog. Its funny to hear the words Fuck on this blog. So whats the story

Our Reply:
Thanks for the email John, but to be quite honest we know as much as you do. Please accept our apologies and keep checking back.

Susan from Carrigaline wrote:
Hi. Just wondering if I could book a spot for the Monday night Psychic on here

Our Reply:
Email your details to

Jimmy from Ballydehob wrote:
I spend most of my days wandering around the countryside doing the occasional bit of birdwatching and dogging. Im just wondering does Vic ever park up in dodgy lane ways or even partake in some dogging, ala Stan Collymore

Our Reply:
We're not sure Jimmy. To be perfectly honest, we're not sure if we should even be entertaining this email.

Helen from Dublin Hill wrote:
Is this actually Vic pretending to someone else updating this page

Our Reply:
Trust us (all 3 of us anyway) we couldnt impersonate Mr.Barry if we tried

Carmel from Rochestown wrote:
Hi, just saying I love the site and I hope the rumours arent true

Our Reply:
We're not sure what rumours your on about, but at this time, we believe that Vics involvement in the Tijuana Donkey show to be false

Ok, hope this has answered some of your questions. We will keep you posted about Mr.Barry over the weekend.

Thanks for the support - All @