Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Believe it or not, I actually forgot to update this thing yesterday! I know most of you dont believe me, or even care for that matter. But its true!! I felt really shagged last night (tiredness people, tiredness) and ya know it felt good, in a weird way. I didnt get in till gone 3. A combination of shopping for porridge (!) and looking at a mates new penthouse apartment kept me out!

The riots in Dublin were sad, and only an excuse for scumbags to go on a rampage. We had a huge reaction to it over the last 2 nights, with callers from Dublin, The North, The UK and of course Cork. It was very interesting to get all the different perspectives. While the troubles in the North is in our history, people cant live in the past forever. Granted some are, and thats why its so difficult for the country to just move on. Ive even heard a few conspiracy theories over the last 24 hours to boot. Sometimes, I wonder, do people have too much time on their hands.

The weekend came and went, with my long suffering partner coming down with the flu. So no Karl Spain unfortunately. I did though go wandering around Tesco and Lidl for an hour, on my own, which is a dangerous thing!

From time to time, working on radio has its perks. Ive interviewed many celebs and one or two idols in my time and occasionally I get CDs and the likes. Being a talk show, theres not a great drive on for the labels to be bombarding me with CDs. Probably one of the coolest promotional items arrived on my desk last night. An mp3 player from Aiken Promotions, loaded with a selection of artists that are coming to Cork for Live at The Marquee. All I can say is, if ya thought last year was good wait till this year! Savage line up. Im presuming to keep stum, until after the announcement, but its great!

Thats it for today kids!