Sunday, November 14, 2004

Righto, 55 minutes to show time. For the first time, you can get the Top 5 BEFORE it goes to air and 11.10.

Late N' Live Top 5 things overheard in my house when I was cooking over the weekend (14/11/04)

5 - Hey! The thing on my plate has still got a pulse!

4 - Man this kitchen is as hot as the Kingsley!

3 -'d I start the microwave again?

2 - I know its an electric cooker but I can smell gas!

1 - Ya think the KFC up the road is still open?

So there ya have. Of course this is liable to change in the next 2 hours, but for the best part........shes done. Just remembered I have 2 movies sitting at home to watch, Godsend and Secret Window. More than likely they'll go on the shelf.
Well tis just gone one on a sunday. Im sure most of you are just in the door from mass. As for me, well Im kinda suffering from a mild case of eat too much and drank not enough last night. A couple of friends were over and I wore me Jamie Oliver hat (along with matching apron) and cooked up a mean batch of chilli. Not forgetting my famous fresh passion fruit sorbet and my ciabatta loaf grilled with vics special sauce, mozzerlla and bacon. Someday soon Ill put up them ol recpiepes for you all to enjoy. Adult supervision is required though.

Being a Sunday, today is show day. Its funny, my Friday is most peoples Saturday and so on. So in a couple of hours Ill be making my way out to the station and trying ever so hard to come up with a top 5, amongst other things.

So enjoy your Sunday, talk to you tomorrow.