Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Vics fone.jpg
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This is the bad boy I was on about earlier!
It was a long night last night. Bank Holidays can be dodgy on the radio particualry for the monday night pshychic segment. But thankfully we were rockin as usual last night. I got home for around 1ish following an almost tearful farewell with my other producer Michelle. Thank God for Sky+, plenty doses of the Simpons and even Coronation Street. Mixed in with a few bottles of beer and 2 damn pot noodles, I had an early excursion to the jacks this morning...twice. Of course what did I have for lunch...another pot noddle. Im addicted to the mexican ones at the moment. Its tough going though. Speaking of spicy things I picked up some extra hot sauce during a midnight shop on Friday. Well turn me sideways and beat me with a hurley. It blew the head clean off me, never had anything like it. Ill look at the label later and put it up here...just in case your interested! Im a big fan of all things spicy, but this sauce will rarely get used.

Given the papers for a bank holiday are written a week before almost, Im not entirely sure whats going to be on the cards tonight. But I know I will be doing a suvivial guide, like Ive done every year at this time, for the exam students. It was great being in 2nd and 5th year..it was like "Ha look at those fuckin fools and there exams" and then in what felt like a week I was the fool doin the exams. Theres nothing worse than doing the Leaving Cert. Im a big believer of dont believe the hype and all, but it just gets a taste in your mouth and gives you a bit of a downer each morning you have to get up. Theres too much pressure on kids these days, more of a pressure created or should I say manufactured by society. If your reading this (I know theres at least 2) and your doing exams, take it handy...no pressure. I remember doing my leaving the first time round ( I repeated cos I fucked it up first time) a select few of us were racing each other to see who could finish first. Hence there was a tear or 2 the second time round and it was all good!

I read this morning that the first trailer for King Kong will be attached with War of the Worlds and will be online around June 28th. Looking ahead its not a bad summer for movies. Roll on Batman Begins next week and of course War of the Worlds. I must say Im just slightly interested in Mr and Mrs Smith. No its not Silent Bob and his missus but the Pitt and the Jolie kicking the shit out of each other. Should be good, at least it looks good. Even from the warddrobe perspective. The uniforms look pretty cool.

Theres now 19 fish in the tank and all are doing well. I bought 13 more on Friday and will be doing one or 2 more stock ups before the week is out. More than likely on Friday. Im telling ya, this is the best hobby Ive had in quite a while. It keeps me quiet for a few minutes a day, which is great news if your trying to put up with me.

A few people have asked me to do some more rappin' since I busted out some rhymes from the website during the show last week. Dont hold your breath it wont be happening.

Theres nothing else of note here today so thatll be all