Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The one with tyres

The last time I checked, there is still a Recession on! You know the thing, business need everything they can get, people need to watch the cash as there is less of it around!

Well not down my way! Went off to get 2 tyres this morning. Arrived in the local tyre place in Cobh (I think there is only one). Of course I arrived at the wrong time, where everyone is slugging tea and eating foil wrapped sandwiches. Anyway, one bloke asked was I alright and when I told him what I was looking for, he replied, saying he wasn’t sure if the particular tyre was in stock! Now it isn’t a Monster Truck I’m driving and every single other time I’ve needed new tyres I’ve gone to the same place, with no problems. But these things happen. Its like a Coke machine running out of Coke, or Apple running out of Ipods and what not!

So…he said “2 Seconds and I’ll take a look”. “Grand” says I! So he toddles off and goes back propping up a wall drinking tea. The tea drinking went on for another few minutes, while I hung around like some hooker outside the building. Then some dude pulled up with a truck with a car on the back of it. The truck driver asked for a key to shift a car that was in the way. Of course the bloke that said he’s look after me in 2 seconds, thundered off looking for a key and then proceeded to shift said car!

See, I worked in retail for years. I managed a major retail store and I also ran a Corporate division for an I.T. company. So I have an idea about customer service. Going back to your little warm beverage, while leaving a customer standing around isn’t good customer service! Neither is running around doing other things, while the customer is still hanging around. After all, it’s the customer who pays your little wage!

“Fuck this!!” says I. So, I got into the car and drove off. The sad thing is these fuckin’ idiots have taken my money for years. I’ve always used them, ya know, supporting local and all that. And then this! The last time I checked, 2 seconds doesn’t equate into nearly 10 minutes.

I don’t have time for this kind of bullshit! But the recession is still on, so I understand you don’t need the business. I’ll gladly hand over my money to some crowd that actually need the business. And as I’m on it, I’ll NEVER ever go back to your business again!!! Good luck on the dole queue!