Thursday, May 11, 2006

No update yesterday as I woke up with a belter of a headache and it took some time to get rid of it! Later on tonight or early tomorrow morning the entire audio from Paul Dees visit will be available to download. Ill post the link up here when it is! Its been a busy few days and it was only last night on the drive home that it hit me! In 7 days time (18th) Im going to hit the ripe old age of 30. I hate my birthday, well hate is too strong a word, but Im not a big fan of it. simply because of all the fuss! Sure I like the presents bit (shallow that I am) but if theres any fuss at all it makes me nuts!

Either way, Im a week away from almost half the retirement age! I dont feel 30, I dont look 30 (I look about 51) and its weird to comprehend 30 years! Maybe at midnight on the 17th/18th Ill suddenly change into a proper 30 year old, unlikey though! One of the things that got me thinking was a big debate that was raging on the show last night, about a British woman whos have a child at 63. When the kid is 20, she'll be 83. So Im figuring, and if my maths is correct, if we had a kid in the morning Id be 40 by the time the thing was 10. 50 by the time it was 20 and so on and so forth. Maybe tis time to, as a mate of mine used to say way back in the day, let the juice get to use! Ill have to dig that book out..the one with the birds and the bees, just to figure out what goes where and all that! Where the fuck will I find a stork???

Decided to have lunch today and flicked on the box. Daytime TV sucks, but Oprah came on as I turned on the TV. Its a bit behind the states, but the women were going out of their mind when Oprah came onstage. Oprah opens here mouth and says "Hello" or something to that effect, and they go absolutely crazy. Oprah blinks - woman start gasping for air and scream their lungs out! Oprah takes a deep breath and says "Welcome to our 20th season" The women go wild again, where do they get all this energy. Oprah takes a dump on stage and the women go absolutely, positively gaga and one runs out to grab the turd. Ok the last bit didnt happen. She brings out Jennifer Aniston and I swear to God, the women in the crowd lost their minds. Maybe they were all lesbians and fancied abit of Jen! It got so loud and wild, I felt I was watching a riot taking place. The only thing they were missing was a few chairs flying through the studio and the occasional petrol bomb! Im not begrudging Oprah her success, fair play to her. But seriously though the shower in the crowd might want to settle down a bit! I recall a year and a bit ago, Oprah gave all the audience a car each. A brand new Datsun, or Escort or something. They lost their mind. Im sure someone even died because of it. Anyway, I rang up the Harpo office looking to talk to Oprah and wondering could I get a new car and the guy on the end of the phone lost his mind just like the audience!

Thats it for today, for any Keano fans check out Stevie Gs blog. Some great pics from the Testimonial!