Monday, June 29, 2009

The one with my good deed

In case you missed it last night on air, what follows is a recount of my good deed for the year, which happened yesterday!

After a birthday lunch for the wife to be, we went off to Mahon Point, quite late. Couldn't get a space (no recession around obviously) so I had to go get some petrol as the car was on fumes!

Enter Topaz on the lower Glanmire Road. I hopped out, sorry struggled out of the car and inserted the fuel injection device into the petrol vagina on the car! As this shenanigan was taking place I spotted a duck and could hear plenty of chirping and cheeping. For anyone that knows the garage, there is a pretty high wall on the forecourt. I reckon it must be about 20 feet. Lets put it like this, I wouldn’t be jumping off it. Well I would if I fancied by my testicles to be obliterated by my ankles. Upon further observations, I discovered that a group of ducklings were on the top of this wall and more or less just hurtling themselves off it. To my surprise the all got up and went on their way with their mother, all bar one which couldn't get up. So off I went, in best Steve Irwin / David Attenborough mode. Carefully I helped the duckling back on its legs and off it went. Then the next issue abound.

The lower Glanmire road is akin to a Nascar speedway at times, with more rednecks. It was about 510pm so it was pretty busy. No doubt the bastards who hindered my parking capabilities at Mahon Point, on their way home. And in true Hollywood fashion, mammy duck and the 6 ducklings were headed for certain death. So I took a wander over and they, thankfully, stayed in a bush but with quite obvious intent of crossing the road. Another chap in a 09 D Santa Fe also got out. Like 2 strangers in a natural disaster we helped out more strangers, this time a family of ducks. The unnamed stranger stopped the traffic coming out of the city and using hand signals learned from Me, Myself and Irene I stopped the inbound traffic. On both lanes, this created a little oul traffic jam. Oblivious to the traffic chaos, the family of ducks immediately made a bee line for the other side of the road. Amazing to see how mammy duck knew it was safe and 2 strangers had come to her aide. That said they walked on to the train tracks, and I drove off in the possible misguided notion that they would not be sliced in half by a train and would safely make the river. For all intensive purposes I’ll say they did make it!

I drove home quite happy with myself and even the wife to be was suitably impressed. Granted she struggled to dish out the brownie points, due to the fact of my constant moaning and swearing about full car parks.