Thursday, December 01, 2005


I was dreading making a particular phone call this morning. As some of you will know, I pre ordered an Xbox360 a while back. A week ago I was told theres a good chance I wont have it on Friday. Rang the store in question, and lo and be-feckin-hold they have one for me tomorrow morning. So roll on an afternoon of Project Gotham 3 Racing. Besides that, Ill hopefully be hooking it into the wireless network in the gaff so that explains why my gamercard is on the right.

Plans for Xmas are non-existent. It took 2 attempts to get the right Xmas tree, and with all the lugging and pulling Id say I need a bit of traction to sort me back out. Loads of KY given away last night on the show, and hopefully some more this evening. I was suprised the amount of people who wouldnt come on air. God, its not as if Im going to ask them how to apply it or anything :)

So that be that. Ill be on here over the weekend to give my impressions of the Xbox 360. I know I have hyped the thing up in my head something savage, but Im sure it wont disappoint!