Thursday, December 16, 2004

Well now

Well now is right. I havent been on here in quite a while. Ive been really busy with work and of course that feckin christmas thing thats going on. I did manage to take in 4 hours of the extended edition of Return of the King last week, wow really added to the movie. Tomorrow morning Im off to review Lemony Snicket, which Ive been waiting for ages for. Then the ol Red Xmas party Friday night.

Last night was a late one, didnt get home till quite late, after 3 to be precise. Working on an ol Santa sketch. Im sure most of you remember it from last year when we had Psycho Santa.

Out tha gap, laters!

Late N' Live Top 5 Updates

Late N Live Top 5 signs Santas elves are going to go on strike (6/12/04)

5 – Unbranded power tools

4 – Mrs Claus is always asking are all the elves body parts in proportion

3 – Got a better deal to walk around Disney land

2 – Ya know if we could have thought of a real good number 2, we would have read it out

1 – Cmon, its xmas, whens a better time to go on strike

Late N Live Top 5 predictions about Christmas this year (7/12/04)

5 – Chances of chips and curry with your turkey are between zero and nil

4 – You’ll be watching that damn wonka film

3 – That tv you bought will be five hundred euro cheaper in 5 days

2 – Its going to snow…as if!

1 – If your still classed as an adult, chances are santa wont be stopping by your house this year either

Late N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from a guy when your Christmas shopping (9/12/04)

5 – Unlike Santa, I don’t come once a year

4 – Ya don’t want to buy anything from that shop, I just robbed it

3 – What do ya mean I need mistletoe

2 – Lets face it your in such a shopping frenzy you cant even hear the people at the tills

1 – Mind if I wrap your box

Late N Live Top 5 signs your wife is having an affair with Santa Claus (13/12/04)

5 – She now calls your bedroom…Santas workshop

4 – Instead of posting the kids letters to santa, she just stuffs em down her pants

3 – Your new baby has white hair and a beard

2 – Shes always sitting on your knee!

1 – Shes was seriously impressed when santa said I can come down any chimney anywhere anytime

Late N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from a reindeer

5 – Ho, Ho, Ho Ive just eaten Santa

4 – Ya wanna pull me a pint, my back is killing me from draggin around that big ass sleigh

3 – So then we were parked on the roof of this hotel and ol man Santa here was peeping in the windows

2 – We don’t actually fly, its all done with wires

1 – Does it get any stupider, who said reindeers can talk

Late N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear the morning after your Christmas party (15/12/04)

5 – Are you sure you’re the CEO

4 – Ive never seen anyone drink so much toner outa the photocopier

3 – I don’t care what we done, your still not getting a raise

2 – Thanks to you I now know that im gay

1 – Oh god, its Victor Barry