Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The one with the first large one of 2008

Time to get the blog back to normality. The season the be jolly has passed (thankfully) and I survived a slightly undercooked turkey. My own doing, but nobody got the shits, pukes or died.
Last night was the first night back and as usual, after a bout of time off, its hard to get back into the swing of things. But swing I did!

On another note, I would like to apologise to anybody that was in Amicus over the holidays. I was in there one Saturday night and nearly burnt the place to the ground. The table next to us was empty and one of the tea lights was burning in a molten container of oil, flaring up as it went. So, without thinking for my own safety, I grabbed the menu that was about to go up in smoke and gave it another chance to be read, some other day. Then I decided to do the what Denis Leary would do in Rescue Me and out the fire. Except Denis Leary never outed an oil induced flame with a glass of water. A flame about 3 feet high, shot up, the whole place came to a grinding halt and the glass holder the tealight was in, split in half and shot across the restaurant. Nobody injured, nothing burnt, only a glass holder lost its life! That said, the food was fantastic! And yes, I know your never to put water on an oil fire.....as it floats. In the ensuing embarassment, I scanned around the restaurant and spotted some old dear with a terrified look on her face. No doubt, thinking to herself "So this is the way I go, in a restaurant set on fire by some fool who thinks he's in the TV show Rescue Me. And I havent even got my desert yet!"

Besides that incident, Xmas went by fairly quickly. I turned to the darkside, as some people call it, for the PS3, which Im finding is a fantastic piece of kit. Still, though the Xbox 360 does alot of things that much better, Xbox Live being one. But my main attracting for the PS3 is the Blu-Ray drive in it. Given the recent carry on with HD-DVD and Warner jumping ship to Blu-Ray exclusively, its good to have the 2 options for Hi-Def viewing. Uncharted got most of my love over Xmas. Great looking game and very, very enjoyable but a bit short for my liking. Other things that got some love, was Little Britain. HMV had all 3 seasons on offer for €5.99, so we indulged a season a night over the holidays. And yes I know Im about 3 years behind everyone else when it comes to TV. Die Hard 4, The Simpsons movie, The Pixar Collection all got some outings on Blu-Ray to boot, with The Simpsons movie prooving alot less funny than in was in the flicks!

So thats it, the first big un of 2008!!!! Till 9pm!