Monday, August 17, 2009

The one with Monday

I'm sure I've used this blog title at least 25 times. I can't be arsed going to find out. So what to type about on a Monday...besides it being a Monday, which as we all know is shite! I blame Garfield. Anyone get the reference? Ya know...the cat...who hates Mondays....right then!

Aren't most Mondays made up of the usual "Whatcha do for the weekend?" moments. And then by lunchtime you are sick to shit of that question. As for me....well I ended up in Gougane Barra on Friday, a very wet, fog and misted soaked Gougane Barra. That said, the sandwiches supplied from the local "Deli" hit the spot. From there we ended up in an equally mist soaked Bantry, where tourists roamed the streets in their thousands. Never seen so many in a long while. Oblivious to the rain, or maybe its just the fact when they book their flights they're informed that it will lash down for at least 95% of their visit.

From there we hit the road home and from there we hit the Blue Ginger for dinner and from there we hit the road home and from there we hit the local and from there we went home and from there we....Christ, talk about being sick of the question? More like sick to the back gills of the answers! Even if this turned out how I ended up in a hotel room with a goat and 3 Thai lady boys. And we ended up driving a JCB out through a hotel window with the lady boys attached to the shovel part (and the goat) screaming with glee, you'd still be sick of it! Weekend stories are probably best kept for the following weekend. Shag it anyway!

On a final note, this morning I actually think I lost part of my mind while typing this shite!