Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The one with Matt Damon and Sarah Silverman and A.N.

Song of the year, and its only Feb (barely)!!!!!!

And, finally....


Hundreds of thousands of people made their way into cities in the United States today, as Super Tuesday kicks off. “We really hope Superman turns up before lunchtime” said Joe Montanna, a native of Brooklyn NY. Franklin Peters traveled 4 hours in the hopes of seeing his favorite superhero, The incredible Hulk.Mariah Sweeney of New Jersey said she came into the city today with her 7 kids, Josh, Tobey, Steven, Thomas, Bill, George and Lucas. All her kids have had their hopes high that Batman will turn up in the Batmobile. Speaking to alleged news Mariah said she’s not too bothered if turns up in the Batmobile. “I couldn’t care less if he turned up on a pi-ball pony, as long as my kids get to see their favourite super hero on Super Tuesday.Alledgedly!!!

Insiders say Christina Aguilera is looking forward to bringing up her son in the Osborne’s old house. Since she bought the house it has been completely redecorated and refurbished. She’s even gotten rid of Ozzys trademark gargoyles, But the one thing she can’t get rid of, is the prince of darkness himself. Christina first found Ozzy 4 weeks ago, locked up under the stairs whilst looking for a hoover. Ms Aguleira has tried numerous times to contact members of the Osborne family, but to no avail.
Sources inside the Aguilera mansion say Ozzy still calls the house home, wanders around in his underpants and constantly refers to Christina as Sharon. Alledgedly!!!

It's not every day that you see Robert De Niro on the cover of Vibe magazine with 50 Cent. The pair are promoting their new crime drama “Righteous Kill”. Insiders say De Niro first met fiddy in a New York supermarket 5 years ago. 50 was having trouble getting a box of cereal off the top shelf and Robert was there to lend a helping hand. At the time De Niro thought he was helping out MC Hammer. During the making of Righteous kill, Curtis Jackson, 50’s real name would hang out with Robert De Niro and discuss different coffee flavors, sports and their collections of knitting needles. Allegedly!!!!