Friday, October 31, 2008

The one with the obligatory Happy Halloween picture

Happy Halloween and all that...

Dont forget big Halloween weekender tonight(Fancy Dress) and Saturday night in Club Light, Mallow

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The one for the videogamers

The one with Brand and Ross again

So, since I scratched out the last blog, Russell Brand has quit. Proper order. He's taken enough shit over something that has been blown so far out of proportion at this stage, its bigger than the large hadron collider. Brand is a huge loss for the BBC. As for Jonathan Ross's future, well by all accounts, that could be decided over the next 24 hours as well. I'm am disappointed and saddened that he had to quit over something that is; at this point, in my view, quite trivial.

One of the articles I read, had a quote from Sachs grand daughter this morning saying shes "delighted that justice has been done". Well isn't that a whole load of shite. Has she even heard the audio that was broadcast. After all it was Ross that made the comment that has caused so much over exaggerated bullshit, not Brand. Well she's get her pound of flesh and is still looking for more. 

In fairness to the lads they provide quality radio and television in my view. Ive been listening and watching them for years. They're so far removed from the savages that blurt out the same oul "That was U2, more good music still to come. Text us on 9809348503894503489. Hello to Johnny driving the van. This is Bland FM" That isn't good radio, its shit radio. If a radio show doesn't have a presenter with a personality and a wack of some form of content, then again, in my view that show is shite.

I'm not defending what was done, see my previous post for my take on what happened as I'm not repeating it. But this is bonkers. And to be honest, its ground some of my gears into mush. Over 30,000 complaints at this point as well. I find that quite hard to believe. Have all 30,000 complainants heard the audio, or are they jumping on the self righteous band wagon.  I feel sorry for Brand and Ross, but I feel even more sorry for Sachs grand daughter. Figure that one out!

The one with the WTF of the day

Sure, "the too much time on their hands" comes to mind

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The one with AC/DC in Excel

This is bonkers, great marketing tool as well!

Check the link and open it in Excel. Click here

Or if you dont have excel, check the youtube version....

The one with my take on Brand and Ross

Right, Im gonna make this quick as Im kinda screwed for time today. The audio from the Manuel carryon is below this on a previous post. People have been asking me for my take on what happened.

In my view, its as simple as this. The producer who left this go to broadcast will or should lose their job. To me, the fact the Wossy said "fucked" and it wasnt bleeped out at the very least, let alone edited out tells me that no body bothered to listen to the PRE-RECORD. That is shite producing in its highest form. TV shows and radio shows (where pre-recorded) are edited quite a bit to keep things tight and in time. How fucked got through the net is beyond me. Ridiculous. I, personally, didnt find the thing offensive at all. At the same time it wasnt hilarious, and probably went on for longer than it should have. Getting it announced on national radio that you slept with the host probably isnt the best thing, but if a producer had done their job, a simple edit is all that it would have taken. To me, there certainly wasnt any malice in it. Just a bit of craic!

At this point, Andrew Sachs has not spoke to his grand-daughter or even seen her and he has welcomed the apologies. Her picture is plastered all over a couple of the tabloids and it is great publicity for this wan. If anybody was in her position, in some unheard of band and a wannabe model, this is the equivilent of winning the publicity lotto. She's milking it too much in my view, but wait for the tv show appearances and the "Oh woah is me, I havent slept since that terrible time" lines. 

As for Brand and Ross being suspended, thats a bit harsh. Whats happened to the production team?????? Remember as previously mentioned this was NOT live!!!! Will they get the boot? Id be very suprised if they did. Given the contracts they have et.etc.etc. and they simply would walk right into another tv and radio show and cream millions out of it!

The whole thing is a fuckin circus at this stage and it'll be forgotten about in a week.

The one with the one line song guy from the Sopranos

Not safe to blare on the office intercom system!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The one with Scotty Too Hotty

Scotty Too Hotty will be on the show tonight, ahead of the American Rampage tour which happens THIS Friday night at Neptune Stadium. Its all worms, wrestling and sheep!!!Make sure ya dont miss out!

The one with Brand and Ross

Well I spent most of the weekend dying with my fuckin sinus, but this did make me laugh. I'd suspect a producer somewhere will be after getting their balls or lady bits, crushed with a meat tenderiser over this one getting through!!! Do I think it was out of order, honestly not really, but thats me. But for a pre-recorded show to have the word "fucked" in it, tis lazy ass production it is. 

Back on the air tonight from 9pm!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The one with Obama and McCain - The Danceoff

The one with the Thursday dope

Dope! That is all!!

The one with Kerry Katona and Barack Obama

I cant stand one of these individuals. And she has no place in the public eye. Granted, her handlers and advisers (if she even has them anymore) should be shot, and then if theres one bullet left in the gun.....

Anyway, Barack loves the pie...shot by Chris Barrett

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The one with a serious trouser movement moment

Wheres the bog roll??

The one with that Obama is Irish song and more...

To me, the following video is a prime example of whats wrong with the world. These absolute fuckin dopes and their stupid songs. If I was misfortunate enough to be in this establishment, I'd end up in jail. Its got nothing to do with Obama and his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather being from a bog up the country. Everyone is Irish, and everyone knows that. I'm sure Jesus had some Irish blood in him as well! But, I detest this kinda shit. The sing song shite in pubs drives me bonkers. I have to leave. Maybe its to do with my inability to sing and its a jealousy thing and that's rooted deep, down in my mind. Maybe its a stereotype that's there. These dopes and their "oul songs" who keep going and going and going making up thick, shit verses as they go! 
A few years ago, I was in a well known bar in West Cork and some made yoke fell in the door with his guitar. There was no room, but his drunken arse squeezed into the seats next to me and herself. And off he went. Snuff running out of his nose and whiskey tainted saliva pouring out of his mouth. He started belting out songs. It was like an episode of X-Factor gone very, very wrong. And that's bad as it is!

For the last few nights when I get home from the show Ive been scaring my digestivie system with Dead Space. Its freaky as hell and has one of the best atmospheres in games Ive played in ages. Basically, your like an oul council worker who goes to fix a broke down dump truck. Only thing is all the other fellas have got their arses ate by an infestation and they've turned into big, scary bastards. So you need to fix the ship and survive as your own has gone to the big spaceship heaven in the sky. Its bonkers. Lights off, Amps up. Im glad I dont have a heart condition.

I've also being giving some serious time to Fable II. Im not a huge fan of the RPG genere, but this has me hooked. Its simple to get yer head around and is huge and varied. You can even go off and get your leg over. Rubber up and no problems. Go mounting bareback in Fable II and you'll become a daddy and may contract an STI for your troubles as well. The game is truly stunning. Check it out if you've got a 360. Definitely one of the games of the year.

Also, dont forget this Sunday from 10pm there is no Cork Talks Back. Instead, there will be a 2 hour extended Movie Bit. From 10-11ish its gonna be full of quality songs from the movies. I spent a good few hours after the show last night, piecing this together, so its well worth a listen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The one with OVER ala Family Guy

Dont think it gets much better than this! Lazy blog posts now ended!

The one with how to solve a Rubiks Cube in a few mins (if even)

As described and played on the show last night, and yes it DOES work!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The one with last nights Movie Bit, bits

Trailers from the show last night...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The one with Sarah Palin as president

Best and funniest website you'll see all day and all night

Click everything at least 3 times

The one with the digital tv PSA

This made me laugh. It may do the same to you.....or not

The one with Obama McCain III

Last night the Barack and Johnny had their last presidential debate. The last 2 debates I passed out due to the amount of cheese and WTF moments. This time round, I managed to stay up for the whole thing.

As most of the polls are saying around the world, McCain got his ass handed to him last night. The constant McCain barage of "Your raising taxes" and "We need to know your relationship with that terrorist" didnt seem to phase Barack at all. He had the valid responses which didnt seem to make McCain see or hear any sense. Maybe hes deaf. At the same time, Obama fluttered around the negative campaign questions that were thrown from McCain, but that seemed to be about it for Johnny.

And if I hear any more about Joe the fuckin plumber Ill knock down a wall!!!!!

The one on lazy post thursday

The first 2 vids will help you deal with the recession and the budget. The last vid, is a fella who
is telling the people who paid his salary to feck off

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The one with Michael Caine and Jaws getting it on

Caught this earlier on one of the new Hi Def movie channels. Read the description!!!! It must have been some wrap party!!!!!

The one with the Budget!

Well its all said and done now. Bryan Dobsons stunt double delivered a tough one yesterday. They're strangling each other in the Dail over it, but no doubt it'll be all forgotten about in a few weeks, as these things are. The people who are roaring about not voting next time round for any party or indeed Fianna Fail, normally forget such things as well.

Vat goes up to 21.5% from December. No big deal???? Course not. As long as your buying shoes and clothing. No VAT on them. And sure there are plenty of foods that are VAT exempt, but theres also a selection of food products that do have the oul VAT. Like chocolate biscuits? Like frozen desserts? Like fruit juices? Well they along with a selection of other food products will all get the new 21.5% VAT rate. It'll all add up over the course of a year. I suppose you can always replace the biscuits and the desserts with a pair of Nike runners.  Ya cant beat that new runner smell.

From the indebt budget coverage on the show last night, alot of people are really going to be caught on the hop with the 8c per litre petrol increase. Ive never seen a queue for a garage in my life, especially not one that was 40 cars deep. This was the case all over the city and county last night where people started panic buying, in order to save a few bob. I worked out the average, and unless you were sitting in small plane in a forecourt, the average saving on a full tank fill up would have been around €3-€5 last night. Not really worth hauling yer ass up off the couch for.
Personally the petrol increase is gonna cost me around an extra €250-€300 a year. Now, if I were living in Dublin where they have a wide, vast and regular public transport system I wouldn't give a monkeys left ball about it. But I'm not living in Dublin, I'm living the Cork, where the public transport system is well below average. I have, like many others, NO option but to drive to work. So maybe it would be an idea to start giving people OUTSIDE of Dublin more options when it comes to public transport as opposed to hiking on 8c per litre. Don't fecking penalise me for the lack of public transport options!

The fuel increase will have a knock on effect to many industries, which in turn will drive the cost of things up even further. Given that the the oil market is so volatile, if the price of oil skyrockets again, there are very serious implications for anybody using a petrol pump. And then the rat bastard garages and their parent oil company mammy's and daddies are milking the situation into the ground. I used appreciate the fact the many garages were on low margins when it came to the price of fuel. Well can someone explain why they all dropped their prices last night, by nearly 7 and 8 cent. Great marketing move there lads. Good way to fuck the average Joe in the ass.....again. 

The Tax rates stay the same, but they don't really. We get an income levy of 1% if your earning up to 100k and the levy is 2% if your over the 100k a year. That's another couple of hundred quid a year gone from your average salary. That couple of hundred quid could pay for a holiday, your child's medical expenses or a weeks worth of petrol.

And then, Brian Lenihan adds in the fabric softener to make the whole thing seem not so bad. All Ministers and ministers of state will take a 10% pay cut. Good one! So when they start getting a couple of rises next year and increments and the like, that 10% will be back in no time! Better one! Maybe put a freeze of ministerial pay rises for a year or more. Why not do that? Then I read this morning that the President is also taking a 10% pay cut on her huge salary. I really don't know why we have a president. Shut down the bloody office and save a small fortune every year on everything from her salary and expenses to the feckin ESB bill! I know that she signs a few autographs every now and then, but come on! Its not the white house. At least we know what that "individual" does!!!!!

The fags are gone up 50c. They didnt jump up the €2 that was called for. Of course not. Not only would that see the blackmarket sales go through the roof but revenue from the sale of cigs would fall dramatically. On an all too regular basis, I have politicians and people ranting on raving about underage drinking on the show. Was the price of alcohol put up? So that it would hit people in the pocket, in particular the underage drinkers? Was it shit put up! Same reason the diesel wasnt put up. The publicans and the hauliers would tear this country apart! Maybe the average folk on the street should adopt that attitude.

I appreciate the fact that the country is in a bit of a state (in various sectors, but I still cant see that real dark clouds forming over the bread lines) at the moment and its now, well more so from January next that the people on the ground, the taxpayers will start feeling the pain. If there has been vast overspending during the last couple of years, then which individual left all that slip through the net. Was it not long ago that the SSIA scheme was introduced so we could all save for a rainy day and our futures? Pity the government didn't take their own fucking advice on that one!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The one with the dead dove of peace!


The one with the Alien landing

Well, this could be the day that changes the world forever......and you can nose through her blog including the letter from the aliens or whatever they sent this one. Maybe twas sent with an intergalactic carrier pigeon. Now maybe this woman is nuts, I don't know. But as many have said its quite convincing and something is ringing true about it. Well if it does come to fruition in a couple of hours, it'll beat the shit outta the budget! In fairness though, she makes a good case in the below youtube vid.

And of course, its feckin raining and cloudy. So when the world governments make the announcement, we wont be able to see the bloody flyover. Wheres Putin and his rain cloud destroying chemicals when you need him!

The one that made me laugh a lung up

This was the mystery sound that NO ONE got!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The one with the jingle creator

Almost as good as the real thing :) :) :) :) :)

The one with the Movie Bit

Gonna be a permanent feature on the show every Sunday

The one with some Blu Ray recommendations

The Movie Bit kicked off last night and as promised, those of you who have just started bursting your Hi-Def cherry,
this post is for you.

The following are what I reckon are a pretty damn fine example of High Definition video and audio

RAMBO - The latest one, Ramob 4 if you like. Turn it up and all you need is an automatic weapon.

SHOOT EM UP - Clive Owen delivers babies in another "Who give a shit what the neighbours think". Turn it up!!

CLOVERFIELD - Looks great and sounds even better.

AVP REQUIEM - While the movie may have been a little shite, this looks and sounds pristine!

IRONMAN - Great looking Hi Def movie with a pretty vigorous soundtrack to boot

I-ROBOT - Looks amazing

RATATOUILLE - Any of Pixars stuff looks and sounds amazing in HiDef and the cooking Rat is no exception!

There only a small selection and some have been imported from the states. Given the ridiculous high street prices
for BR's at the moment in Cork, I find online the best places to buy. The following are 2 sites I use quite a bit, Im
not associated with them in anyway, but have been using them for a long time, in particular movietyme, Also keep an
eye on for 3 for 2 offers

If you are importing from the states, make sure to check this site
It'll let you know whats region free or not!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The one with way too much Ipod time on someones hands

Worst blog title ever, best vid ever....cough cough

Friday, October 10, 2008

The one with Putin kickin some Judo Ass

Is there no end to his talents..

Roll on the aerobics work out video!!!

In Club Light TONIGHT from 11.30pm. C'mon in!!!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The one with some time lapse pussy

Time lapsed pussy cat :)

Currently melting browsers all over!

The one with more cool guitar action

According to one of the listeners (Sean) there is another guy that is better than the JerryC guy with the Canon yoke. So judge for yerself...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The one with The Clone Wars TV series

This kicked off in the states and is set to premiere on Sky Movies Premiere on October 25th. And for those of you with HD, its also showing in glorious High Definition!!!!! It might be a little to early to remove your pants (ya know the ones with the Chewbacca head on the arse) but if it feels like you should, then by all means! 

Im not totally sold on Star Wars being animated to be honest, even as hard as the movies make me get. Id much prefer to see Episodes 7,8 and 9. But I know thats not gonna happen as do the rest of the geeks, but we all live in hope! Granted its the same amount of hope that people on the Titanic had when they heard there was an Iceberg. The whole cartoon vibe doesnt do it for me Im afraid, and Im a big animation fan. But I'll hold off judgement until I see at least 2 episodes and then I'll blog it up on here and no-one will give a shit either way.

The one with the guitar yoke

This is in the blog archives somewhere, but people wanted to hear it again. One of the most viewed pieces of audio...Savage!!!!!

If ya horse around youtube, theres a tonne of news bits and interviews....

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The one with men embarrassed about buying adult toys

Like you, I know people who work in retail. Video game shops, Record shops, Clothes shops. I even worked in retail, all while feeding my radio addiction with Howard Stern. Now, anyone who works in  a bread shop, sells bread, possibly makes bread and expects people to come in and buy a nice loaf/ Anyone who works in a clothes shop, sells clothes, possibly makes them and expects the general public to come in and dress themselves in something that'll make them look gawjus. 

And then theres the people who work in adult shops. This lot are a different breed compared to other shop workers. They constantly talk about the people who come into their adult shop, laughing and sniggering as some bloke buys a rabbit or something similar. Conversations are like the following....

"Look at him over there"
"Who, the guy in the brown jacket?"
"Yeah, what about him?"
"Was talkin to him a minute ago about vibrators"
"Yeah, says its for his oul doll, but he probably is shoving it up his own hole"
"Yeah, he looks the type alright. Loves the vibrating bum fun"

GIMME A BREAK! Its nothing of the sort, and even if it was, who gives a toss? The Star had a poll yesterday that stated that more than a third of men are too embarassed to buy a sex toy. Big deal, surely????????? Whats the embarrasment about? That you're actually getting some? For feck sake lads, tis really time to try and lift the knuckles off the ground! The personality free, knuckle draggers are always going to be stuck in this mode, which is quite unfortunate for the ladies they invariably end up with. Well at least the ladies dont suffer from the same disease, as they seem to be more than capable of going off and getting themselves a plastic vibrating penis.

Plenty of people asked me last night would I be embarssed buying a sex toy or to be even seen in an adult shop. The plain and simple answer was no. Why would I? Whats going to happen? Front page of the Echo "Victor Barry spotted in adult shop". Bollocks!

And for the blokes out there who are intimidated by the oul vibrating machines, well they really, really, really need to stop digging trenches with their knuckles.

The one with the SNL VP Debate

Tina Fey is like God!

Monday, October 06, 2008

The one on a Monday - including Sex and the City Rant and girl on girl

Its been a busy weekend. I was in Club Light on Friday night dishing out some pretty cool prizes like ipods and the likes. All celebrating the new, Big Brother style camera. Lets just say I had alot of fun giving stuff out! Katy Perry - I kissed a girl and a little encouragement from yours truly brought out the bi in everyone!!! Girls mauling the faces of girls on the dance floor and upon prize collection they started at it again!!! No pictures as I was too busy watching (Did I just write that down?) Its a tough job!!!!!! 

Saturday was spent with the new nephew and Saturday night was spent in the company of she who must be obeyed and the Blu-Ray of Sex and the City. Dear God, did the SATC fans get fucked! Ripped off isn't the word. I've been an occasional fan of the show and I think its well written, well shot and has great oul filth scenes. But the movie, what the fuck was that about! No doubt the fans of the show love seeing the girls on screen. Well putting Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha on screen for 2.5 hours with not much else going on, does not make a good movie. A complete and utter exploitation. And the girls look like battered, oul fish wives in High Definition. Every wrinkle, sag and slap from a stick is crystal clear and at times Miss Bradshaw looks like shes a great, great grandmother who died and was brought back to life by being beaten around the head with a JCB.

If I can compare the the SATC TV show and the SATC movie to farts. Firstly the TV show. That was like a fart that was building up for a few days and when it exited your arse it blew a hole in your pants and put a crack in the wall. People dropped dead with the smell. And if you managed to survive, you lost a limb or 2. Now for the movie. That was like a fart that crawled out, no sound, no smell, no body count. Nothing, just a tiny little ppppfffff that made you wonder was that a fart or just a nervous twitch!

Other than that, I won the Lotto on Saturday so I'm off to collect my fiver winnings!

The one with the internet overdose song

Here la...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The one with DragonForce

Herman Li from Dragonforce, TONIGHT, LATE NIGHT INTERVIEW, CORKS REDFM, After 10pm

Friday, October 03, 2008

The one with even more QE2

I brought my Dad down yesteray, lunchtime for a gawk and took a few more. Thats the lot now, I promise.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The one with the QE2 in Cobh, Cork at night

Went down after the show and took some more shots....

Thats it now, all QE'd out of it!!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The one with the QE2 in Cobh, Cork

Got a chance to take a few pics earlier......