Thursday, September 15, 2005

Righto. Again, a really up the walls day yesterday.

Alot of the time our switchboard gets jammed up with callers, be it with whatever topic . Last night was Junior Cert night in the city and for a solid 2 hours we could get an outside line on the Cork Talks Back number. Absolutely jammers. I was really angry last night coming off air. After hearing tales of old men hawking around town, I wanted to get sick. One caller rang in to say she had witnessed a guy about 30 holding up a 15 year old with his hand up her skirt. I was boiling when I heard it, fucking assholes. Earlier on in the evening my producer and I (sounds like a film title doesnt it) went in to get some audio. Even at 8pm last night, there were some very seedy characters around.

Risteard went back into town for 11pm and at one stage he chased down a Dad who was trying to carry his son home. The Dad came on the phone to me, with his son was roaring in the background "Victor, Victor, I got ten honors Victor". The poor youngfella sounded destroyed. It was very sad to hear someone so young in that state, but again as Ive said on the show from time to time when it comes to this kinda thing, its the world we live in! Loads of other Junior Certs came on the phone live in Pana and some of them were FUBAR, completely. Then when you hear other callers on the air who went out with family or had a laugh in the well organised discos that were on, it really makes you wonder!

On a lighter note, the Tokyo Game Show is kicking off fairly soon with all the next gen consoles and shit on the go. Managed to see a sneak preview of some Xbox 360 games earlier today and I cant help feeling a bit disappointed. So we'll see. When will people ever realise when we want to see a new game, we dont give a shit about the prerendered intros and what nots, we want to see ACTUAL game footage. I have soms serious movie watching to do over the next few days...Crash, Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy, Bourne Supremacy and the Longest Yard. All arrived in the last few days as did the Jalepeno popcorn, which Im told is a serious hole burner!!! Speaking of hot things, my credit card is absoultely scalding at the moment, so roll on pay day!