Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The one with Rachel Ray 30 min recipes!

As per one of the topics on the show last night, where spoilt little $%^£$'s refuse to eat the same dinner as everyone else in the house
Check this anyway
Thanks to Richard the chef for the link and speaking of links, heres the link to that book I was on about, click the following link

The one with the mystery sound scene shenanigan

The one with the Blog Awards!!!!

Its amazing how time flies. Anyways, the Oscars and the Globes are around the corner and so is something far more important, the Irish Blog Awards. If you think this wonderful (ahem!!) blog is worthy of a nomination for something, then please click here and submit where you feel it should be submitted. So thanks!

The blog got longlisted last time round, shortlist and a win this year would be brilliant. There shall then be cake and TK lemonade to celebrate!