Monday, March 13, 2006

Just a really quick update..Students and Would u buy something because a celeb endorses it! Brown Thoms goodies up for grabs and movie tickets amongst other stuff

Donut Burger

As most of you know, we're obsessed with food on the show! At least a few times a month Ill discover some mad food thing, that really should be on sale in its own exclusive store on Pana...this time there might be an exception!

Dont know if this would have any takers...maybe with a chips n curry!!!


Just for the crack, Id like to get this blog a little bit higher on the irish blog charts so If you think tis worth it, give a vote on here
Pyramid schemes were one of the topics on last nights show. Lots of people were hesitant about coming on, but from the sounds of it and if the papers are to be believed, half of Cork seem to be involved in one of these schemes! I got hold of one of the presentations that are made, and for some of it theres alot of brain washing going on. In others, paranoia! Theres a catch 22 in the whole thing though. If your down on your luck and broke, you might just sign up and if your loaded you probably wouldnt blink at throwing away a few grand! Some callers last night came on and said they knew somebody else who was involved and actually witnessed the cold hard cash they got! There seems to be a certain mystery about the whole thing, who does the money go to???????

Season 6 of the Sopranos aired in the States last night, so roll on when Tony and co arrive back on these shores! No doubt the DVD box set will be available before RTE or Sky pick it up. I seem to be discovering decent TV recently, The Sopranos being one example and for the last few weeks Ive been Sky+'n Rescue Me. The FDNY show with Denis Leary. Combine those with the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Chopper and Top Gear and thats about the size of my television antics. Maybe an overhaul of the Sky EPG would help, ie Clips next to the name of the show on the EPG. Its what they seem to have on the cable systems in the States! Sky are you listening!!!!!

For any of the movie fans out there, or for any one that wants to go to the flicks for free check out our Inside Man screening ticket giveaway. Dezel Washington and Jodie Foster star in this crime thriller and by all accounts its supposed to be good. Speaking of giveaways, we've also teamed up with Brown Thomas and their Bombshell promotion whichs runs until the end of the month. Various goodie bags up for grabs each night including Vera Wang and Estee Lauder ones! Not only are the goodie bags for the ladies, but we've also got some for the men as well! As tis Monday, the Monday Night Psychic hotseat will be filled this evening by Joseph Bortniak. Always extremely popular so book your spot via email if ya want to get ahead.