Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The one with Kobe Bryant, a pool and snakes!

At least theres no elderly hand jobs in this one!!!!

The one with old folks in a doorway

Yesterday, I didnt get the chance for a dinnr at home, which is a regular occurance. Normally I do with out, but last night I could have ate the back legs off a pony. So, resisting the temptation to order in, I opt for the get something on the way home idea. I drive to Hillbillies on McCurtain St and order. The place is fairly busy with many elderly folk chowing down on breasts n buns and whatever else wont choke them or break their teeth. One nice couple finished up as I was waiting for my order and walked out. The "dude" was pushing into his 70's and his oul doll was not far behind him.

As I walked out with the bag of late night dinner, I spot the 2 who had just left canoodling in a doorway, more or less next door. Its rare I see an elderly couple showing affection with tongues flapping around. On further inspection, well it was quite obvious to see, herself was giving yer man a handjob. Again, she must have been 67-68 and she was pulling him like a plough. I got into the car, after losing my appetite and they were still going strong. The only thing I was worried about was the weather. The doorway wasnt exactly good shelter for the spitty rain that was falling. I was going to offer them the back seat of the car, but my back seat is fairly low and I figured they would never get out or get stuck and require a crane and an ambulance by the end of it. So I drove home!

Im not easily shocked and this didnt really shock me to be honest. And its one of the rarer sights Ive ever seen in person. The internet doesnt count!!!!! So hats off to the pensioners for some public action, but the disgusting thing was no-one stopped and offered to hold an umbrella over them. If I had one in the car, I would have offered but I didnt!

Enjoy the rest of your lunch or dinner!