Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Decided to have dinner in one of the restaurants in Mahon Point yesterday (Lets Face it theres not too many), and not one in the food court. I wont be naming and shaming but twas an absolute joke. Waited 25 minutes for starters which never arrived. I was then brought my main course 10 mins after that. When asked where my starters were the waitress (who had feck all english) said its the kitchens fault. I more aless threw my main course onto her tray and told her to get me the manager. The manager arrived after another ten mins and didnt seem to give a shit. Typical - Only in Cork. Overall though the centre is as mentioned previously great!

Midweek Top 5 Update

Late N Live Top 5 things that George Bush would do if Aliens attacked America (31/01/05)

5 – Thank them for taking the spotlight off iraq

4 – Phone Will Smith and ask can he help out

3 – Send dick cheneys daughter to see if any are gay

2 – Wonder if his foreign policy can deal with it

1 – When the aliens ask, take me to your leader he brings them to his daddy

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard when Michael Jackson arrived in court yesterday (1/2/05)

5 – Don’t look now but the Culkin kid is here with a gun

4 – The prince of pop, more like than queen of pop

3 – Michaels legal defence said they’d so if we done a top 5, so we’re doin a top 4 instead, hence no number 3

2 – Is that a snot hanging off his nose, oh no its just his nose melting

1 – That’s not mike, that’s Diana ross

Theres an ol pussycat around the place lately and here hes trying to communicate with our hobbit