Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guns N Roses are coming to Ireland at the start of June. I heard rumblings about this a while back, but the confirmation popped into my inbox this morning! Maybe its cheesy but GnR would be always located in my favourite bands ever list! They bring back memories of the oul school days and wearing checkered shirts like kilts, just cos Axl Rose wore em like that! Im sure theres a photo at home of me with long hair and the whole denim and checkered shirt look. Ill have to ask Mammy!

A rather brief discussion on the show about Tv last night caused a slew of texts. As regular readers will know, one of my favourite TV shows, if not the favourite is American Chopper. People wanted to know what my favourite bike is? Juniors Dream Bike is one, but probably my all time favourite OCC bike would be the fire bike. It even stands atop a TV in my office! From the photo, you can see its nearly as big as the real thing!

Todays gonna be a really busy day. I have 2 meetings and a voiceover session ahead of me. Hopefully one of those meetings will give me some really good news about our proposed singles night, that so many people seem to want! From time to time, people send emails wondering what I do during the day etc.etc. So without further hesitation heres a general rundown, for those that care.
Im up around 10.30, might have something resembling a breakfast, check emails, fart around the net for maybe 20 minutes, and by 11 I start on things for the show. Be it those incredibly funner one liners (Modesty goes along way) or the equally funny Top 5 (recall what I said about Modesty) and thats just the start of it. I go through nearly all of the papers online and various other tidbits from loads of other sites. Basically anything that might be good for the show, entertaining or engaging. On a good day I can have all of that done by maybe 2.30 or 3. On a really bad day it can take me up until around 5. Between 3 and 6 its like someone working a 9-5 job for me. They come home and chill out from say 6 to bedtime, well the 3-6 thats my chill time. Although theres plenty of phone calls for the show, so its always go go go. Im usually out at the station by around 6.30, and go through a similar process of getting my day stuff together, going through any prep and having a last garry around the net for anything of interest! We get off the air at midnight, make sure the station goes onto the overnight and stick a promo together for the next day. We can be out the door by around 12.30, but sometimes promos and post show meetings can go on till 1ish at the earliest! Im home some nights by 1 and its a case of coming in, draining the bladder, having something to eat and vegging out in front of the TV till maybe 2 or 3. Then theres more email checking etc.etc. and Im bed for 4 at the very latest! So thats that answered! Any more???