Wednesday, June 15, 2005

And we open today with a website that caught my eye, no doubt it will drive the PETA crowd up Patricks Hill blindfolded. Its called

In the name of Christ. Would you be really bothered to set up a website and post pictures of your pussy with various shit on top of it. You can tell its American by the food in the plate. Its almost as bad as people who write meaningless shit in an online diary everyday, convinced that the world is reading it........Ahem!!

What a day. I crawl out of bed at 10 which is about 45 minutes to early for me. I start off with a trip to the shop up the road and get some rashers in a roll. Im sure my blood has turned to grease at this stage. I have to take a break from shit food.

The missus is convinced that the Tiger Barbs are kicking the shit out of the Neons (sounds like something you hear from those Magic the Gathering people). So I ring the fish shop and he agrees to take them back and exchange them. I spend the next hour with a net trying to catch these six bastards. After uprooting the tank and creating aload of stress for me and the fish I finally get the sixth one in the bag. Here they are on their way back to the fish shop

Compliments of my mobile phone blog capability. The joys of being a talk show host. Its not all glitz and glamour ya know.
Uri Gellar made a welcome return to the show last night and had some interesting comments about Michael Jackson. And by popular demand (well not really, but I said Id get them up here anyway) here are some of my Michael Jackson liners from last night.

You would have heard it here last night as it happened. Michael Jackson has got off with the 10 counts against him. I don’t know who the counts were but they’re all aged between 9 and 12

You would have witnessed it on the tv today with footage from the jackson trial,Miserable, dishelved, sick looking and completely broke..hang on im getting confused with gavin arvizos mother

The scene in the courtroom yesterday as Michael jacksons defense was being read out was so intense that the last time Jackson had to go through something so difficult was when he ran out of cans of jesus juice

Some of the jurors have been speaking out about the case. They said that the prosecutors case was as see through as jacksons oxygen bubble.

Good news for Michael Jackson yesterday, he plans to celebrate with an extended trip to Disneyland

A great legal team but a very hard thing for Michael Jackson to get through. In fact the last time Jackson experienced something so hard it cost him 3 cans of jesus juice.

Legal experts are calling the Michael Jackson trial the biggest example of the justice system working since OJ Simpsons case

The Michael Jackson trial was full of bizarre incidents, particulary when Jackson would arrive at court everyday. At one stage Jackon came in his pajama bottoms. He also arrived at the court in a pair of pajama bottoms

Now that you've pissed yourself laughing, take a mintue or 2 to dry off.

That was some minute or 2. In other news, Bruce Campbell (Ash from the Evil Dead) and a host of other great movies is after writing a book called Make Love The Bruce Campbell way. Hes going to be on the show Monday night. If anyone knows how to attach a chainsaw to yourself its Bruce.
We were hoping on Cillian Murphy to make an appearance as well but due to work commitments he cant. As opposed to moaning and groaning we understand. His performance in Batman Begins looks really good. Ive been invited to a screening of it in the morning @ 10.30 but I dont think Ill make it till the afternoon or Friday. Herself actually wants to see it as well, and its difficult enough to get her to the flicks so I might wait till shes available. Just means my batdrool will be longer than ever. So thats it. Keep it Real