Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First nights back after a bank holiday can be funny from time to time. Not last night thankfully! We were kickin on all cylinders yesterday evening! Lots of heated calls on the Road Carnage! Great response to our Cork Choral Festival giveaway as well! More tickets tonight!!!!!! Im really short on time today so without further ado, heres Part II of the RedFM virtual tour!

Board Room (Where all the important decisions are made, like what brand coffee we should have...or so Im told)

Studio 3, where the CTB producer sits at night. KC lives in here as well

If you look real carefully you can see Stevie G in the On Air studio. The other guy is Don, one of the CTB team!

Caroline (Our production manager) "working" in the main production studio!

Some more of the shop floor

An "arty" shot of our breakfast bar

Another "arty" shot of the breakfast bar - Note the Bar Stools

Reception area

So there ya go! Thats about it for me now, as Im running out the door! Maybe more later! Probably not, but ya never know!