Saturday, June 25, 2005

B 2 N

Week of hell over, another one not to far away from beginning. We had a week of minding the inlaws puppy. Jesus Christ, never and I mean never have I heard anything whinge and bark so fucking much. To be honest, one of the few things I cant tolerate is a dog, puppy or otherwise, barking non stop until its hoarse. Who knows what the neighbours think, fuck em, I dont. Ill regret saying that I know. The pup came with a little dog house and now hes locked up in the thing. I couldnt take no more. He goes home tomorrow, yeah Ill miss him, but not the barking. My head is wrecked. Weekends are supposed to be full of relaxation and drinking and so on and so forth.

Been a solid week on the show and one lucky listener won himself a few days aboard one of the tall ships. He sets sail on the 9th of July from Waterford to France. Nice little break. Not sure how he gets back though :). I cant help but wonder what happens aboard these mammoth vessels each night. Are the crews sex starved maniacs going from cabin to cabin, in search of an open hole, glory or otherwise. Maybe they just sit down and play cards and drink rum all night. Either way its an amazing prize.

Ive had Hotel Rwanda on DVD for about a month now, and we finally got around to watching it. Fantastic movie, really makes you think. As I keep saying to the missus, theres alot lot more to film than big budgets and special effects.

So thats it, Im sitting here alone of a Saturday night. Herself is gone out to a girlie night, with only one other girl. Not sure what thats about. Im debating in my mind whether or not to go watch the Asasination of Richard Nixon or just surf the net aimlessly for hours. At the moment neither is appealing. Maybe I should finish off the bottle of Tia Maria.....................or maybe not...........or maybe..................

For those of you that are reading this on a Saturday night, rejoice we're as sad as each other :)