Thursday, February 07, 2008

The one with a Kleenex

Ya know the cool ad on the telly with the Sofa and the guy listening to people spill their hearts out! Well its in Cork on Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday (7th Feb). Twink is going to be the celebrity listener in Mahon Point on Friday from 10 onwards and then on Saturday, I'll be taking the listening position from 10am!!!! So come down or come over and have a Kleenex and tell me your tale!

The one with the news..Allegedly!!!!


Insiders say Paris Hilton’s recent trip to a local school ended in disaster. Arriving at Westside elementary Paris was swarmed by young students all eager to grab some words of wisdom from the Hollywood socialite. Standing behind a microphone, the floor was opened to queries.“How do you become successful?” “How do you become famous?” “How do you manage your accounts” were all questions asked by the students. But they never got the answers they wanted. As a matter of fact they didn’t get any answers at all. Paris just stood there and smiled giving the occasional giggle. Later Paris questioned her people about why there were so many little people and what a school was. Allegedly!!!

EBay is a website that many people use on a daily basis. Many buy gadgets, clothes, cd’s etc all at bargain prices. EBay is no stranger to celebs purchasing items under the shroud of a user name. One eBay seller got the surprise of his life last Monday when Michael Jackson arrived at his front door. The day previous, Ben Damon’s auction for genuine Ohio air came to an end. The eBay user wackedoutjack54 had spent 50 million dollars on 50 zip locked bags of air. “I was shocked to say the least” Damon said, when he heard the door bell. “I was doing the hovering when I heard the bell and this guy dressed in a cloak and an elephant mask said he was here to pay for his Ohio air” Damon also went on to say that Michael Jackson claimed he’s sick of oxygen and now prefers to buy bags of air off the internet! Allegedly!!!

Oprah helped out in the voting process yesterday as one precint she was in was lacking a witness. The queen of day time television and the owner of the universe, Oprah stepped up and the voting on Super Tuesday continued. All voters received a new car, a new house and 5 million dollars each. Alledgedly!!!