Monday, October 06, 2008

The one on a Monday - including Sex and the City Rant and girl on girl

Its been a busy weekend. I was in Club Light on Friday night dishing out some pretty cool prizes like ipods and the likes. All celebrating the new, Big Brother style camera. Lets just say I had alot of fun giving stuff out! Katy Perry - I kissed a girl and a little encouragement from yours truly brought out the bi in everyone!!! Girls mauling the faces of girls on the dance floor and upon prize collection they started at it again!!! No pictures as I was too busy watching (Did I just write that down?) Its a tough job!!!!!! 

Saturday was spent with the new nephew and Saturday night was spent in the company of she who must be obeyed and the Blu-Ray of Sex and the City. Dear God, did the SATC fans get fucked! Ripped off isn't the word. I've been an occasional fan of the show and I think its well written, well shot and has great oul filth scenes. But the movie, what the fuck was that about! No doubt the fans of the show love seeing the girls on screen. Well putting Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha on screen for 2.5 hours with not much else going on, does not make a good movie. A complete and utter exploitation. And the girls look like battered, oul fish wives in High Definition. Every wrinkle, sag and slap from a stick is crystal clear and at times Miss Bradshaw looks like shes a great, great grandmother who died and was brought back to life by being beaten around the head with a JCB.

If I can compare the the SATC TV show and the SATC movie to farts. Firstly the TV show. That was like a fart that was building up for a few days and when it exited your arse it blew a hole in your pants and put a crack in the wall. People dropped dead with the smell. And if you managed to survive, you lost a limb or 2. Now for the movie. That was like a fart that crawled out, no sound, no smell, no body count. Nothing, just a tiny little ppppfffff that made you wonder was that a fart or just a nervous twitch!

Other than that, I won the Lotto on Saturday so I'm off to collect my fiver winnings!

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