Sunday, May 29, 2005

Well another weekend bites the dust. Today as the weather was nice and Im sick shit of cooking I decided we should head out for Sunday lunch. Off to Carrigaline tried 2 places (one being a hotel) and feckin nothing. No food period. To top this off the traffic was mental, so after a visit to Woodies via Belgooly (dont ask) we made KFC. At least we had chicken, granted it wasnt roasted. Saturday night I was left on my tod as herself had some birthday party to go to, so experimenting I went. Rock Shandy and Tia Maria = Vics Liquid Orange Chocolate. The absolute job. Im wondering now if I mixed it with Cidona would I get a toffee apple like cocktail.

Managed to take in Assault on Precint 13 on Friday night as well as nearly dying for stuffeditis from a Chinese. All in all gritty and gorey and that was just the Chinese, the movie was good too. The fish have almost being cleared completley of whitespot, granted theres one more treatment to go tomorrow and thats it then. Big purchase of fish on Friday next.

This is it for today as I can hear the KFC knocking to come out!