Monday, March 30, 2009

The one with awesomness


The one with an Airbus 340 being built in seconds!

The one with the hour

Right, that "thing" happened again. As per usual, I forgot to change any of the clocks in the house. Actually as I type this, I'm sure the clock in the microwave hasn't been changed. I cant be arsed to check it now!

So, the county wakes up an hour earlier or later I'm not quite sure. Either way we get screwed. I wonder did the communists come up with this daylight savings shite. And before anybody leaves a comment, I know its to do with the farmers. But, maybe communist farmers!

Here’s my suggestion. People enjoy broken clock1their weekend. People love their Sundays. People stay in bed a little longer, Sunday papers, Sunday roast, Sunday sex mornings and so on. But with the hour moving forward, we lose out. The whole weekend is ruined. They may as well drop the bomb!

So why not put the hour change to some other day during the week. One of the shitter days, like a Tuesday or a Thursday? Maybe a Friday? Chances are you’ll be working or whatever, so it’ll make little or no difference to you. People will be in better moods, knowing that when the clocks change, its not going to fuck with their weekend.

Also, it’ll keep the communists at bay for a while longer.