Thursday, March 16, 2006

Looks like tis starting to snow. It'll make a change from the rain for Paddys Day. Today has been a really long day. Nothings going right! Ive spent 3 hours hauling through DVDs for stuff for the Fan Attack tomorrow. My problem is I get caught up in the movie and start watching it. Most clips are only a few seconds long, but I seem to take an hour to get each one! No one said twas easy.

Even more coverage of the Pyramid schemes last night, this time they're in schools! Everyone seems to have caught the pyramid infection, even those in secondary school. No doubt it'll reach the Montessori's next. Toddlers will be buying into pyramid schemes with liga and maloopa!

There seems to lots of folks reading the blog recently, so thanks for dropping by. Today I managed to add a Listen Live button to the right side bar. Just click it, and you can listen to RedFM Online!!!! Speaking of blogs, it was only yesterday I realised that I read a fair few of em everyday, from motoring to video games and everything else in between! I came across a handy newsreader called Omea Reader. It keeps everything in one spot and its straight forward to use. Might be of use to any of you multi blog readers!

All the press are covering the PS3 launch and the delays that go with it. Personally speaking, Im not too pushed about it to be honest. Some technical jargon heads have said the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are more or less identical hardware wise! Apparently to get best out of the PS3 its proving rather difficult. Ive been playing video games and using computers since I was 5 and its the games that sort this kinda thing out, not the hardware. Over the next few weeks Im also going to be adding the occasional video game review on the blog, so all you gamers beware!

In 24 hours time, some people will be pissing, puking and farting all at the same time as they find there second wind for Patricks Day. Theres tonnes of stuff going on for the Cork St.Patricks Festival. Check out the official site here. I came across this photo today of the Chicago River.

Only in America, we have our own green rivers here. No dyes or anything. There just naturally green! Im not sure what Im doing for Paddys weekend yet. Ill probably take a wander around town tonight and maybe tomorrow!

On a different note, I just saw Kate Moss wandering around the garden. Bizarre you might ask, but at least I know its still snowing! Terrible joke, its a fine line this humour business. Apolgies again!

Tonight on the show, we're more than likely going to take a run around the world visiting Irish pubs on the way. We normally do this and in past Paddys shows we've gone from China to New York and back again! Thats it for now, Ill get some more blogging done later....possibly. Im off to stare at the snow and wonder why it isnt sticking to the ground. Laters!
The blogger people seemed to have fixed what ever needed fixing. Normal service is resumed!

Late N Live Top 5 annoying things about Jury Duty 150306

5 – Other members turn up for tea and biscuits, you turn up for day off work

4 – No matter how many times you ask, the judge will never let you have a go off his wig

3 – Theres always some clown who doesn’t agree with the rest of you and your there for
5 extra hours!

2 – Chances are the person on trial will serve less time than you

1 – You never get to meet Matlock

A PROFESSIONAL David Beckham lookalike is on the game – offering sex for £500 a time. 500 quid to score with a Beckham lookalike…God, if u were half decent looking u could score with the real thing for free