Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fishy probs

I wake up at 12 this afternoon. Turns out the missus turned the heating on at 6 in the morning, so Im in a heat and sweat induced coma. I struggle down stairs to feed the fish and notice something that I thought that would go away. Tiny little white spots (its a disease thats normally associated with new tanks) appearing on 2 fish now. It will eventually kill them if left untreated, so a journey is called for to the fish shop.

6 Euros later and a Big Mac Im at home, adding 9ml of this blue dye thing into .5 of a litre of hot water. I take 3 attempts, as the instructions say wait for it to disolve while stirring. Now I have a strong wrist (right only) and Im sitrring the shit out of it for 4 minutes, and nothing. So its gone into the tank now and it will have to get a second dose on monday and then after that, sorted........hopefully. You can see a pic of the tank in a previous pic, and Ive had to remove a big ol stone I had in it as this cure will stain it. God help the fish anyway. It now looks like I have a rockery under the tank.

Last show of the week and its been a good week. I gave away 5 pairs of Aslan tickets last night and normally we spin the oul roulette wheel and get people to identify a piece of music. If they guess it correct, they get the tickets. Red is a Top 40 station so for the best part there are no obscure unrecognisable tracks in our archives. The amount of people that got it wrong last night staggers belief. Maybe its easier for me just sitting on my hole. But cmon, Cork people dont know the Frank and Walters......arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I was planning on heading to the flicks tomorrow to break up the day but theres absolutely feck all in. Roll on Sin City on June 3rd, granted its out in August on DVD in the states. Yeah, its pre ordered. Im really trying to lay off the credit card which is proving more difficult every day. The better halfs birthday is next month so I can use that as an excuse.

I could go on and say the price of bread is terrible and the weather is unsettled, but you dont give a shit, do ya....................see, just what I thought.

Keep the hand off it!

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg