Monday, April 04, 2005

Well Im back after a short ol break. We headed to Killarney (original I know) on Friday afternoon in wet and misery. It was the first break we head away in over 2 years, them houses are a hinderance you know. Late Friday afternoon the weather picked up, the clouds parted and we head a wonderful sunny evening. I took on the perils of back roads and drove off for an ol cruise around the national park and surrounding area. Absolutely stunning area.

On Saturday which was an absolute scorcher, more driving around. At one point I spotted a sign for the Gap Of Dunloe. Off we went, eventually arriving to be met with a sign that read "Road unsuitable for veichular use". So I drove on; being influenced by a car that had made the same mistake in the distance. What a mistake it was, the roads if you could call them roads had little safety barriers and at one stage herself looked down to see nothing but a fifty foot drop. We eventually made it to the gap and with no where to turn safely, we went down the other side. It was one of the most stressfull driving experiences ever, but the scenery was worth it.

On Friday before I headed off I had the oppurtunity to interview Anthony Daniels who plays C3P0 in ALL of the Star Wars movies. It was an honour to get hold of Anthony and keep your ears peeled for the interview tomorrow night!