Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Well, then the blog is starting to slow down as I’m not too far away from taking holidays…and paternity leave! Thanks for all the kind words over the last while, and the blog will have the bambino info as it happens…sorta!

This be the week for action, but more than likely the main event will be next week..or maybe slightly later.

So the mind fucking continues, especially on the drive home after the show, where the enormity of the situation hits home time and time again. And by Jaysus does it hit home! On Sunday night, as a million thoughts raced through my head, it felt like Mike Tyson hitting me with a locomotive! But I’m really looking forward to the whole thing and as usual will attempt to put nerves to one side and try and be the best supporting husband and dad I can be! I’ve been in denial for a bit, but now, this week the denial is now only a river in Egypt!