Monday, January 30, 2006

7.20am Im up playing Doctor and giving the better half some eye drops. I wake up and feel like Ive been in a car crash. Im aching from head to toe, and for some reason my ass is numb. I go back to sleep till around 11 and it finally hits me. I put together a big chest of drawers from scratch yesterday in a flurry and its taking its toll. Sad isnt it. Here I am on a health kick...supposedly.

The weekend just gone was the first one in a while that we had a bit of time to ourselves, bar that chest of drawers. Managed to take in Redeye and Breakfast on Plutos over the weekend. Both very good shows.

Thats about it for now! I promise to do a daily update this week, or Ill eat my pants. When I say daily, Mon-Fri!