Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Im Back

Firstly to the regular readers of this blog (There are a few Im told) I apologise, but Im sure my web people kept you in the loop. To someone whos just discovered this, you couldnt give a shite could ya.

Where have I been, what have I been doing (I hear at least 1 person asking). Work, Work , Work. In Star Wars lingo, We're doubling our efforts on the show to make it better, period. So thats taken up alot of time lately, but its all good and hopefully you'll enjoy the show more.

So for anyone reading this, drop me an email or leave a comment on here for topics you would like to a) partake in on the show OR b) hear discussed. Again, or leave a comment on here. I cant go into any great detail about things at the moment, but I really feel in the last few weeks there has never been a better buzz about the show and our callers and texts are through the roof. Some "places" have Cork Talking, but We have Cork REALLY Talking. Its amazing the callers we got. Take last night for example, guy came on said hed use a service to "cover up" his exploits when he goes away on lads nights, from his wife. Basically he admitted to having loads of affairs and flings. The abuse the guy got from aload of lady callers was savage.

Not much else going on, except I atteneded a 30th Bday party last Saturday night and a fair few people were quite complimentary to the show. Its a nice boost now and then to get those compliments. For the remainder of that evening, which ended up in the Brog (where else), I had Uncle Jack for company among many others ;)

Karl Spain Wants A Woman hit the TV last night. Im sure many of you heard Karl on the night before (or the millions of past appearances hes had on the show) and I just got finished with my Sky +d version of it. I really enjoyed it and I wish Karl the very best. Roll on those ratings figures. Lots of feedback trickled in throughout the show as well for him, so Im really delighted for him! Someone else pointed out that meself and Karl are look like long lost brothers. Whatever :)

Dictionary Dilemma will make its first appearance on Thursday night I hope and I do belive we will have some movie star of sorts on as well. So thats it, Im going to bed.

Remember, any suggestions or comments - mail me or leave a comment on here!