Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Late Late

Yup, a bit late today (again). Few personal things to take care of this morning. What a show last night. All I can say is if you missed it, shame on you. Tears, screaming it was amazing listening. I did feel very sorry for the girl who rang in and was reduced to tears by another caller, who said she was as common as muck and not the brightest bulb in the box among many other insults.
At times I just wanted to tell the guy go fuck himself, but the show isnt called Cork Talks Back for nothing. His whole the northside is full of scum was way out of line. Considering the woman Im going out with for the last 5 and half years is from the northside herself. But!!!! I kept the head. We have no choice but to follow it up tonight as so many people wanted to get on, but again I just didnt have the time!

My humming and hawning about getting an Xbox 360 is still on going. I know I probably will get one, but theres some mad debate going on inside me head about it for the moment!

Ill try and get another update in later, but Im off now. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some very big news coming very soon....possibly!!!!