Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Once again, the consistency of my updates suffer. It must be the whole "overworked" thing. Anyways enough of the excuses. Tonight is yer last chance to blag some lunch vouchers for Wagamamas on the South Main St. So if your up for some free grub, make sure you tune in! Get it Off Your Chest, Young Irish Women are notorious for going on the lash and tonnes more tonight!!

Tis late in the day Im updating this. Another fish decided she'd had enough this morning and croaked! Old age and all that. It was a nice service, few words by myself and the dog and then FLUSH!!!!! Thankfully you cant get too attached to a fish, although this one was around for quite some time.

She kinda made Joan Rivers look young! Im hoping to get my hands on Ghost Recon 3 on the Xbox 360 in time for the weekend, so Ill have the low down on that on the show over the next few days! Im sure some of the "regulars" will remember my Hard Drive issue, well tis still on the window and withering away to nothing! Some day...some day........That said, its time for a new PC in the next few weeks. Im about one more feck up before the current one goes right through the window. Im sure for anyone walking by, it might be amusing.

Tis almost show time, so Im off to get my hair, nails and makeup done!