Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The one with the shudown and a few thanks!!!

The blog, facebook, twitter and everything else will be running on bare minimum over the next week or so as I take, and I’m gonna blow my own horn here..a well deserved break! That means for me, doing feck all, which I find incredibly difficult to do!

Big shouts of “Nice wans” (as we say in Cork) to in particular to Piaras in Edelman, Clare and Richard in Disney and Kevin Smith for giving me the opportunity to intro him at Vicar St. If only all heroes were like him! Huge pops to all the twitter followers and the facebook heads! And most importantly, all the RedFM listeners!

Final shout out to the wife, who in fairness has alot to put up with.

So to everybody that has made the year so great, both personally and professionally, you all kept the disillusionment out at sea and the inspiration in the port! Thank you!!!!


The one with this years ADULT Toy show!

Right, here’s the evidence from last night! And give Sarah an email if you wanna book an Anne Summers party in the new year. Email

IMG_4744Joan and Sarah IMG_4752Yes! It does
IMG_4754Hold on for dear life! IMG_4758Vic doing his best Tiger “Oh shit I’m caught” Woods impression IMG_4760Microphone gets some love
IMG_4774 IMG_4777 IMG_4782Dont ask!!! IMG_4785Some crack putting this on! IMG_4787What do you mean, put it on now? IMG_4789 IMG_4794Bend it like Beckham

IMG_4713Caroline celebrates that its another CTB Adult Toy show IMG_4724In the confusion, Stevie loses his mind! IMG_4729 IMG_4731 IMG_4733Yes, this will come back to haunt me! IMG_4738Its not a fuckin’ Lightsaber IMG_4739