Thursday, June 16, 2005

Batman Begins


Right, not much time on my hands. Just in the door from seeing Batman Begins. First Great flick. Dare I say Christian Bale comes close to, if not outdoing Michael Keaton in the Bat suit. At times the movie moves a bit slower than you would like it to, but it does a good job of piecing together a back story to the whole Batman character. Again though, I wish it moved a little quicker. Gotham looks amazing and driving home, I was convinced I was in a Batmobile (couldnt be further from the truth), which is one kick ass motor. Katy Holmes, well; she does her part but doesnt stand out at all. Morgan Freeman solid as usual and Michael Caine (whom Im not a big fan of) is exceptional as Alfred. Special kudos goes to Cillian Murphy as The Scarecrow. No doubt he will be in the sequel. He plays the part of a lunatic brilliantly. The movie follows the birth of batman right through to his incarnation of the dark knight as we know him today. I wont give away the ending, but theres a neat touch. Seriously Im not being a JOKER or anything...Shit sorry!

There are some great set pieces and fight scenes. Overall this is probably the best comic book adap. since Hellboy or Xmen, its solid, extremely solid but I felt it never really hit the high notes. Looking at the last Batman movie, you'd never think this was from the same studio. Big up to Mr.Nolan


I know this is extremely brief, but Im running out the door to do the show!
I get up later than usual. 45 minutes later than usual. I go down feed the fish, choke down some toast and bust out the Word. For the best part Im finished writing for the show, there are a few touch ups to do but its the last day of the week. They can wait. Well until this blog is updated anyway. I should have been staggering out of Batman Begins by now but I just couldnt get out of bed, even though I did open my eyes briefly at 10am. Im still toying with the idea of going to see it @ 2pm.

Joe Rooney was on last night. Joe is one of my favourite guests, even though this was only his second appearance. Hes @ the Comedy club this weekend and hes incredibly funny. Granted I had to hit the delay last night once or twice. Otherwise the parish priest would be knocking at my door by now. Im sure most of you will be wise to who Joe is, but for those of you that arent...1 word Kilnaskully..well 2 words so...shit...Timmy (word 1)....Kilnaskully (Word 2, for those of you that are counting, bastards)

And as usual we had a bit of agro last night on air regarding the availabilty of condoms for teenagers. I think they should be freely avaiable, or even at least in schools. Anyway Im not getting onto my soapbox here, I tried that last night. Good radio though, as alot of people thought. Speaking of good radio, some guy called in to let us know that the best piece of radio he ever heard was...when I called Cedars Cini and asked the speak to Michael Jackson, where I was told he had checked out. This was the big hullabaloo when he went into hospital during the trial. So thanks for that, whoever you were. God Bless yer memory.

Its great hearing some of the most memorable holiday experiences for our WKD Beach party giveaway. In particular, last night where a woman (in her mid 40s maybe) rang in to tell me about her "carry on" on a beach in Spain or somewhere. The words big white arse were mentioned. Maybe Im wrong, but I could swear I was remotely excited about this. If my better half is reading this, its not true...Im only writing it to make me sound like a big man to the other 2 readers of this thing.

I think Im going to see the Bat now, so laters