Wednesday, February 01, 2006

They said it couldnt be done. I think Im after getting back into the buzz of regular updates, like years gone past. Im still up at 7.30am playing doctor every morning, and it took its toll last night. I got home for about 1ish and more or less went straight to bed. Bad idea, 3 hours later Im replaying conversations in my head about god knows what and for the first time in ages, Im finding it difficult to get to sleep. Its not long before 7.30 rolls around and Im up again.

Its a busy one today, between meetings and of course the Walk The Line screening tonight at the Gate. I really wish I could stay and watch the movie. bit theres a show to be done.

Lots of talk about this proposed singles night that so many people are calling for. Nearly 50% of texts last night were about this alone! So watch this space. Thats it, I have to run out the door...meetings apparently!!