Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last show of the week

Last show of the week, and what a weeks it been. I was astonished at the balls of this small time coke dealer to ring up yesterday and say he didn’t get a fair go the night before. He came back on last night and used every line under the sun. It made for riveting listening. The whole thing exploded when a recovering drug addict rang in. She was in recovery for the last 4 months, and took no prisoners with the dealer. I’m sure some of you might have heard some of it on the CTB promo today!

It’s going to be a busy weekend as I have a few projects on the boil that need a lot of work over the next few days. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get out of the bed this morning and fell back to sleep with the dog, who conked out for hours!

I wouldn’t consider myself a petrol head or anything, but I do have a soft spot for certain cars, Hummers and The Ford GT 40 to name 2. Just out of curiosity I took a look at the car buyer’s guide last night and got a price of €112,000 for a second hand hummer. I’m off to pick it up at the weekend. It’s true; I’ve got enough money to buy a Hummer hubcap!

When I did manage to get out of the leaba I caught an edition of Top Gear. Low and behold they had Mr. Clarkson driving around the place in a Ford GT 40, valued at £112,000. Note the STERLING!!!!
Some day Im saying to myself, some day.
The weather is fairly feckin depressing today. The price of bread is terrible, and don’t even get me going on the cost of a bag of coal.

On a different note, I must say a big up to all at the whove been pming me and giving great feedback over the last few days. If anyones on there, my registered user name is corktalksback. That’s about it for now kids, so have a good weekend. If theres anything of note Ill be on here over the weekend, but if not…Ill be back on Monday!

What follows, is last nights liners and the Top 5! Your getting an exclusive now, as I didn’t get to use these last night. They might turn up this evening with todays, ya never know!!!

BEATLES legend Sir Paul McCartney fell down a hole while performing live on stage in the US. The music icon, who is currently on tour, was in concert at Tampa Bay when he slipped through the hole his piano was supposed to emerge from. But hes alright, luckily his better half , Heather Mills, was there to give him a leg up

THE Government has spent €100m on reports by outside consultants since 1997. Figures compiled by Fine Gael chief whip Paul Kehoe show the Coalition has spent €99.94m on 1,044 reports since coming into power in 1997. The government have said they’ll get to the bottom of this once and for all, but we’ll have to wait 3 weeks for the report to come back!

A NASAL spray could at last provide the answer to the common cold. Makers Procter & Gamble don't claim to have found a cure but believe their product can stop the cold in its tracks It will market the spray under the name of Vicks First Defence, claiming it will reduce the chance of developing a full-blown cold by up to 5pc if taken at the first sign of symptoms, even cutting symptoms themselves by up to 40pc. 5pc, still though its something not to be sneezed at

A leading Dublin children's hospital is recognising the power of humour and its patients will now be able to benefit from a prescribed dose of the giggles just like the good doctor ordered. That’s all well and good till Michael Jackson appears wearing a huge pants, giant shoes and a red nose

Late N Live Top 5 signs your after getting into a Cork Taxi (20/9/05)

5 – By the time 4 euros is up on the meter, the driver has told you his life story…twice

4 – The drivers ID photo looks like it was taken at Puck Fair in 1973

3 – By the time 8 Euros is up on the meter the driver has told you their life story a staggering 9 times and that theres no guards on the road at this time of night

2 – You ask “Is it busy tonight?”

1 – Elvis is driving the cab