Sunday, May 22, 2005

Last night off and the last few days off have really flown by. I got a few fish for the aquarium yesterday, I have to keep the numbers down for a few weeks while the tank climitases to fish shit and so on. I have to admit the last few days or even nights, have been great. More relaxation than anything. I also had to satisy my creative urges, hence the newish look to the blog.

I spent some of today and a bulk of yesterday trying to spend a voucher in Virgin, that I got for my birthday. Its amazingly difficult to buy anything, so the voucher will be stuck in my wallet for at least another week. In ways I think itll be good to get back on the air tomorrow night as Im feckin bored outta my mind right now. Im going to take another day or two here or there, but this break has been the longest so far this year. All work and no play can make one a rather tainted and grumpy muthafucker.

So tomorrow morning itll be back to the ol routine of getting up and writing shit for the show and racking my brains.